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The 20 Minute Workout Challenge

The Kbands circuit is a powerful challenge workout that takes an athlete through a series of four exercises designed to build muscle and support full body strength and endurance. Athletes who have what it takes to survive this 20 minute workout should repeat these moves as many times as possible within that time frame and then report the results by posting them in the comment section below. Viewers can see how their results stack up against those of others, then they can come back a repeat the challenge workout again a few times a week and watch their results improve.

A 20 minute workout like this one will require the use of the Kbands resistance training equipment, which will add intensity to the challenge workout by increasing the difficultly and the need for strength, coordination, and balance. The 20 minute workout cycle will start with a double set of reverse lunges.



20 Minute Workout Challenge: Reverse Lunges

For the first exercise in the challenge workout, those completing the 20 minute workout should attach the Kbands securely to the upper legs just above the knee and connect the colored bands that offer the appropriate level of resistance. The kit comes with four bands, each with its own level of resistance, ranging from subtle to intense. So as the legs and core develop increased strength, the bands can be adjusted until the resistance level is at its highest.

Viewers should then find an area of floor space and drop one leg back behind the body, keeping the chest upright but bending at the knee so the body drops into lunge position. When in position, balanced, and under control, viewers should stand up, bring the back knee forward and raise it toward the chest while hopping up from the floor with the other foot. The foot should leave the floor at the moment when the opposite knee is at its highest point. Then the knee should drop back to its original position as the body lands.

This move should be repeated eight times in rapid succession. Since the reverse lunge requires focus and balance, control should be more important than speed. But a faster execution of eight reps will mean a more intense session and higher results for the overall challenge workout. Athletes should complete eight reps on one side, followed eight reps on the other side with the position of the legs reversed.

20 Minute Workout Challenge: Bicycles

The next exercise in the 20 minute workout challenge will also require the Kbands and some floor space. With the bands in place, the athlete should lie face up on the floor in crunch position and place the hands beside the head with the elbows bent. The feet should be raised from the floor and both knees should be bent. The right knee should be brought up toward the left elbow, then the left knee toward the right elbow in an alternating pattern for 25 reps.

During this move of the challenge workout, the legs should always stay even with the shoulders. The temptation will be to crisscross the legs and give in to the resistance of the Kbands, but for maximum results, those completing the challenge should push back against the resistance and feel the tension in the muscle groups of the hips and upper legs. After 25 reps, it’s time to move onto the next set in the 20 minute challenge.

20 Minute Challenge: Up-and-Unders and Mountain Climbers

For the next move in the challenge workout, viewers should rotate their position so they’re facing the floor and supporting their weight on their hands and feet in mountain climber position. The hands and feet should be fairly close together and the rear end should be elevated toward the ceiling. Then the elbows should be bent and the viewer should drop the shoulders toward the floor and glide forward, ending in a modified pushup position. Without pausing, the athlete should then back out of the position using a reversal of the same motion, ending up in position for a set of six mountain climbers. Mountain climbers involve lifting each knee in rapid succession while keeping the hands firmly positioned on the floor.

After six mountain climbers, the move should be started again from the top and the entire cycle should be repeated ten times with no breaks in between.

20 Minute Challenge: Scissors

The final set of this challenge workout involves a set of scissors. Viewers should lie on the floor with the back flat and the hands positioned under the hips for support. With the knees straight and the Kbands in place, viewers should lift the right leg toward the ceiling, then lower it back and lift the left leg. This challenge workout move should be repeated for 20 reps.

As in the previous challenge workout move, the legs will want to pull together and cross in response to the tension of the Kbands, but the more an athlete pulls back against this tension, the more effective and difficult the workout will be.

20 Minute Challenge: Final Notes

While weight lifting alone can support some workout goals, the true value of an effective strength training and weight loss exercise program lies in an athlete’s ability to elevate the heart rate and keep the heart beating at a strong and steady pace throughout the entire exercise session. The best way to make this happen is by allowing the body to move freely, but adding the additional tension and balance challenges that only serious resistance training can provide.

The Kbands, KB Duo and KB Powerbands can add these challenges and take any strength training workout to the next level. Visit Kbands Training.com for more information about how resistance training works and how these simple bands can increase workout intensity and bring fast, sustainable results. The Kbands training website offers a wide variety of challenge workouts like this one, plus general guidelines to help athletes handle proper nutrition, stretching, endurance training, and sports-specific drills that can improve performance on the field.


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