Infinity Flex Fabric Hip Bands

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Infinity Loop Hip Bands

Increase 1st Step Quickness and Conditioning

The Infinity Loop Hip Bands will increase first step quickness by adding heavy resistance to your legs through sports training drills. The Infinity Loop Hip Bands will also improve endurance and conditioning through static hold and ballistic training techniques.

Each Infinity Loop Band is designed to stay in place with our unique anti-slip rubber grip on the interior side of each band. This indestructible material will last forever as you train to increase your hip strength.

Digital Training Programs – you will receive two digital training programs with your purchase. Infinity First Step Quickness and Infinity Conditioning

Infinity Loop Bands Include

  • Yellow Hip Band (12.5in 90 lbs)
  • Red Hip Band (15in 75 lbs)
  • White Hip Band (16in 65 lbs)
  • Blue Hip Band (17.5in 50 lbs)

Infinity Loop Bands Design Features

Infinity Loop Hip Bands Anti-Slip Grip

Anti-Slip Rubber Threaded Grip

  • Each Infinity Loop Hip Band is threaded with an anti-slip rubber strip to stabilize each band while training. No rolling or sliding.
Infinity Loop Bands Outside Material

Flexible Tough Cloth

  • Our flexible stretch cloth can withstand even the strongest athlete's movements. Utilize the training videos included with your order to optimize your training.
Digital Trainer

Infinity 1st Step Quickness and Conditioning Digital Trainers

Increase 1st step quickness and conditioning with each digital training program. Through ballistic exercises, static holds, and dropset training you will feel the difference in your training.

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