Reactive Stretch Cord (Overspeed Resistance Band & Vertical Trainer)

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The Reactive Stretch Cord is a versatile training tool that helps athletes improve their speed, acceleration, and vertical jump height. With assisted overspeed training techniques and adjustable resistance levels, the Reactive Stretch Cord allows athletes to train at faster speeds and increase their stride frequency and power.

To use the Reactive Stretch Cord, simply attach the cord to a secure anchor point and adjust the resistance level to suit your needs. Then, perform sprint drills and exercises, or jump training exercises such as squat jumps, box jumps, or plyometric hops, while applying resistance with the cord. The cord's resistance helps to increase muscle activation and improve power and explosiveness, leading to an increase in speed, acceleration, and vertical jump height.

The Reactive Stretch Cord comes with an adjustable belt and assistance hand strap, and has a maximum length of 20 feet. It also includes the Overspeed Accelerator and Vertical FX training programs, which provide athletes with specific exercises and drills to help them increase their stride frequency and acceleration, or jump height and vertical power. The programs include workout breakdown videos and downloadable breakdown sheets to help athletes track their progress and get the most out of their training.

Whether you're an athlete looking to improve your speed and acceleration, or just looking to enhance your jump height and vertical power, the Reactive Stretch Cord can help you reach your goals.

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