Infinity Resistance Loop Bands (Mini Bands For Legs)

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Infinity Rubber Loop Hip Bands

Infinity Rubber Loop Mini Bands

Add Resistance To Your Workouts with Mini Bands

Are you new to sports resistance training? If so, then our Infinity Rubber Loop Mini Bands are going to be a great training tool to help you build leg strength and quickness. You can apply as light as 6 pounds of resistance to your ankles, thighs, or even upper body to become a more explosive athlete. Increase the resistance with 7 levels of resistance ranging from 6-50 pounds of resistance.

As you progress add more resistance with our Infinity Flex Fabric Hip Bands and Kbands Speed Bands.

Digital Training Programs – you will receive two digital training programs with your purchase. Infinity First Step Quickness and Infinity Conditioning

Infinity Loop Bands Design Features

Mini Bands

7 Infinity Rubber Mini Bands

  • Yellow Mini Band (10x2in 6-12 lbs)
  • Grey Mini Band (10x2in 10-15 lbs)
  • Green Mini Band (10x2in 13-24 lbs)
  • Red Mini Band (10x2in 18-30 lbs)
  • Blue Mini Band (10x2in 25-38 lbs)
  • Orange Mini Band (10x2in 35-42 lbs)
  • Black Mini Band (10x2in 40-50 lbs)
Mini Ankle Bands

Super Flex Rubber Design

  • We offer a lifetime warranty on all resistance bands here at Kbands Training. Push yourself through dynamic exercises and become a more explosive athlete. With 7 levels of resistance bands, you will find the correct amount of resistance needed to compete at your best.
Digital Trainer

Infinity 1st Step Quickness and Conditioning Digital Trainers

Increase 1st step quickness and conditioning with each digital training program. Through ballistic exercises, static holds, and dropset training you will feel the difference in your training.

Warranty Information

30 Day Money Back Guarantee + LifeTime Warranty On Resistance Bands

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