How To Stretch The Quad Stretch With The Recovery Foam Roller

How To Stretch The Quad | Quad Muscles and Stretching Techniques

The quadricep is a group of four muscles which work to extend, flex, and stabilize the knees and hips. Proper quad stretches will reduce injuries and help maximize performance. The rectus femoris is one of these four muscles of the quadriceps that works to extend the knee and flex the hips. Since great hip flexion and knee extension are present in all sports involving running and jumping it is essential the hip flexors are properly warmed up and the quads are stretched to avoid injury and maximize performance.

Performing quad stretches on, all parts of the quads not just the rectus femoris, will allow all of these muscles to work together to avoid injuries, maximize a workout, or increase performance during competition. 



How To Stretch The Quads With the Recovery Foam Roller

In order to perform the quad stretches athletes will lie down on the ground with the front of their thighs on top of the Recovery Foam Roller (beginning near the hips). From this position athletes can perform the quad stretch from several different positions: with both legs flat on the Recovery Foam Roller (slightly leaning to one side for added pressure), one leg crossed on top of the other (for added pressure), or rolling the front of the legs individually. While using the Recovery Foam Roller for the quad stretches many of the key points and triggers athletes should be focusing on while performing the quad stretches will not change regardless of their leg position.

Some people will be experience more discomfort than others while performing the quad stretches with the Recovery Foam Roller.  People experiencing more discomfort should utilize the position which gives the maximum amount of bearable pressure to perform the quad stretch.

Begin the quad stretches by rolling from the hips to right above the knees and then roll back to the hips. Athletes should maintain a bridge concept, applying pressure during the quad stretches by keeping the body straight. Athletes should try to maintain a noticeable but bearable amount of pressure on the quads while performing the quad stretches. If any discomfort is felt while rolling down the leg athletes should stop and focus the Recovery Foam Roller on that spot. Hold the Recovery Foam Roller on the spot for 3-4 seconds and then continue to roll over the spot and continue the quad stretch. 

When performing the quad stretches it is important attention is given to each leg individually and to all parts of the quad. Not only will the Recovery Foam Roller be rolled on the front of the quad but also on the outside corner and inside of the quad. When using the Recovery Foam Roller on the outside of the quad be sure to focus on the outside head of the quad and not roll the Recovery Foam Roller onto the IT band. The IT bands will be stretched at a different time.

Athletes should remember the trigger points on the quads which were most sore while using the Recovery Foam Roller and pay extra attention to that particular spot the next time they are performing quad stretches with the Recovery Foam Roller. Athletes should utilize the quad stretches daily to prevent injury and ensure the body is prepared to perform at a high level.

Advantages Of Performing Quad Stretches With The Recovery Foam Roller

There are many different types of stretching from high knees to pulling your elbow down behind your head. Static stretching is when a body position is held to increase the range of motion for that particular muscle or group of muscles, like pulling your elbow down behind your head to stretch the triceps and lats. Active or dynamic stretching involve explosive or dynamic movements which will help increase blood flow and muscle activation (performing high knees). Both of these forms of stretching have been shown to be beneficial to athletic performance in different ways and capacities. 

The Recovery Foam Roller is another warm up, which is essential to keep athletes healthy and performing at their best. Unlike static stretching, when the Recovery Foam Roller is rolled over the muscle during quad stretches the body increases blood flow to that area. This increased blood flow allows the body to deliver more nutrients to aid the muscle in recovery after the quad stretch is complete. Although all three forms of the warm up can be advantageous only using the Recovery Foam Roller is beneficial for all athletes. For example a cheerleader can greatly benefit from performing static stretches on the hip and legs. However, long distance runner may have no use for that amount of flexibility. Both athletes can utilize the Recovery Foam Roller in the same capacity to increase blood flow and vital nutrients to the muscles, aiding in the speed of recovery. Active and dynamic stretches are utilized by most athletes, but vary as far as tempos and intensities.


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You Used The Recovery Foam Roller, But Are You Ready To Start Working Out?

Performing the quad stretches on the Recovery Foam Roller is an excellent way to help the body prepare itself for physical activities, but it should not be the only way athletes prepare. Aside from performing quad stretches athletes need to utilize the Recovery Foam Roller on all highly utilized parts of the body. For example a baseball player will want to take extra time using the Recovery Foam Roller on their back, shoulders, and arms. Even for a sprinter it is important to use the Recovery Foam Roller on the shoulders and arms since powerful arm swings are necessary for maximum speed sprints.

After preparing the body with the Recovery Foam Roller athletes should warm up dynamically. These dynamic movements should take athletes through a proper range of motion in all joints and should mimic game like movements. These dynamic movements will help prepare the joints and muscle for physical activity. By performing these dynamic stretches with the body in a readied state it allows for greater muscle activation to be achieved allowing for greater force to be produced by those particular muscles. The best way to prepare an athletes body for physical activity is by using the Recovery Foam Roller along with dynamic stretches.

Don’t let quad pain and stiffness hinder your performance. Get started today with the Recovery Foam Roller and the Rejuvenate Stretching Sequence to alleviate your quadricep pain. Utilize the video above to become familiar with rolling techniques to optimize your results.


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