Kbands Recovery Foam Roller

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High Density Recovery Foam Roller

Recover - Stretch - Massage - Release

The Kbands Recovery Foam Roller is an effective training tool used to stretch your muscles with trigger point release and deep tissue massage techniques. The Kbands Recovery Foam Roller is designed to penetrate deep into your muscles increasing blood flow for faster recovery.

Whether you are an explosive athlete, power lifter, or just getting into shape the Recovery Foam Roller will change the way you train. The Rejuvenate Stretching Sequence is included with every order.


Recovery Foam Roller Design

The Kbands Recovery Foam Roller contains high density foam that does not give with even the largest users. The Recovery Foam Roller is designed with a portable 12 inch width allowing easy transport while still being wide enough to target even the largest muscle groups. It's textured grip will limit sliding on any working surface for pinpoint trigger point relief. The Recovery Foam Roller is an efficient training tool built for mobility, comfort, and usability.

  • Portable 12 Inch Design For Training Anywhere
  • Textured Grip To Limit Sliding
  • Large Width To Target Trigger Points
Legs and Glutes Stretching Sequence

Recovery Foam Roller: Legs and Glutes

The Recovery Foam Roller includes the Rejuvenate Stretching Sequence that will target all the muscles of your legs. With proper stretching and trigger point release techniques you will remove pain and tightness from your quads, hamstrings, IT bands, glutes, and calves. During each segment you will learn the proper positioning for the most effective stretch.

  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstings
  • IT Bands
  • Glutes
  • Calves
Back and Core Stretching Sequence

Recovery Foam Roller: Back and Core

The lower and upper back can become tight and limit mobility with overuse. The Rejuvenate Stretching Sequence, included with your order, will walk you through the proper rolling techniques to alleviate back pain and stretch these muscles. With each segment you will learn how to target the specific muscles linked to debilitating immobility by using effective massage technieques.

  • Upper Back
  • Shoulder Blades
  • Low Back
  • Low/Mid/Upper Lumbar
Shoulder and Arms Stretching Sequence

Recovery Foam Roller: Shoulders and Arms

Throwing, pressing, and pulling will take a toll on your shoulders and arms. Utilizing the Recovery Foam Roller, with deep tissue massage techniques, you will relax and stretch the muscles of the shoulders and arms. Foam rolling the shoulder and arms is an essential part of bouncing back from an intense workout or soreness from overuse.

  • Shoulders/Lats
  • Triceps
  • Biceps
  • Traps/Neck
  • Forearms


Rejuvenate Stretching Sequence


The Rejuvenate Stretching Sequence comes FREE with your purchase of the Recovery Foam Roller. With this downloadable program you will learn how to increase blood flow and stretch each muscle group with trigger point compression and deep tissue massage techniques. Place this workout on your Smartphone, tablet, or computer and train anywhere.

We Offer Group/Team Discounts

Group/Team Discounts

We offer group/team discounts on all orders of Kbands. If you have a team or group looking to enhance their results with Kbands save today with your order.

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