Recovery Training

I.T Band Stretching

IT Band Stretching Recovery Roller

Athletes experiencing knee pain or stiffness need to use the Recovery Foam Roller to relieve this pain and increase mobility. Proper stretching of the IT bands, and other large muscles of the leg and back, will relieve knee pain and stiffness.

Equipment Used: Recovery Roller
Stability Chop and Circle

Kbands Unbalanced Chop And Roll

Use ab roller exercises like the Kbands Unbalanced Chop and Roll to increase coordination and balance. This dual ab workout routine forces athletes to use their abs to stabilize their movements.

Equipment Used: Kbands Stability Ball
Quad Recovery

Quad Stretching | Recovery Roller

In order to increase and maintain athletic performance athletes need to ensure the muscles of the body are operating at a high level. To increase athletic performance and decrease injuries, athletes should perform quad stretches with the Recovery Foam Roller before training or competition.

Equipment Used: Recovery Roller
Stability Ball Pike Push Up

Elevated Pike Pushup

Use balance exercises like the Elevated Pike Pushup at the beginning of a training session to activate the core and stabilizing muscles throughout the body. Athletes will see greater output in speed and agility training if the Elevated Pike Pushup is performed at the beginning of a training session.

Equipment Used: Kbands Stability Ball
Shoulder Recovery

Shoulder Stretching Recovery Roller

Completing proper shoulder stretches will help alleviate pain and tension in the joint. Utilize the Recovery Foam Roller during the stretch sequence to help bring mobility back to your shoulder.

Equipment Used: Recovery Roller
Stability Ball Throws

Single Leg Body Balance Toss

Athletes should use balance exercises to build a great foundation for additional speed, strength, and agility training. Utilize abdominal exercises with the Single Leg Body Balance Toss to see great improvements in athleticism.

Equipment Used: Kbands Stability Ball
Lumbar and Lat Recovery

Lower Back and Lats Stretching

Lower back pain can be caused by tight lats. The Recovery Foam Roller can be utilized to stretch, bring blood flow, and nutrients to the area. By using a combination of static holds and deep tissue massage techniques you will be able to relive pain effectively.

Equipment Used: Recovery Roller
Pac Man Stability Training

Revolving Leg Lift

Get a great ab strengthening workout in with the Revolving Leg Lift. This dynamic drill takes challenging elements from the traditional v up to create an ab burning workout.

Equipment Used: Kbands Stability Ball
Lower Back Recovery

Back and Lumbar Stretching

Tightness in the shoulders and lower back can be corrected using the Recovery Foam Roller. Use the Recovery Foam Roller to alleviate shoulder, neck, and back pain by increasing blood flow and releasing tension in trouble spots.

Equipment Used: Recovery Roller
Stability Ball Window Wipers

Kbands Windshield Wipers Exercise

Use a lateral plane of motion to challenge the stability of the ab muscles. Athletes use controlled movements to build core stability and increase strength, speed, and agility.

Equipment Used: Kbands Stability Ball
 Quads recovery

Hamstring Stretching Recovery Roller

Foam Rolling your hamstrings for more range of motion and pain relief. Take a look at this video demonstration as we walk through the steps of proper hamstring rolling.

Equipment Used: Recovery Roller
Manual Resisted Hamstring Curls

Manual Resisted Hamstring Curls

Use this quick and easy hamstring strengthening exercise during small group or team training sessions. Increased hamstring strength will increase overall athleticism for athletes who will see great improvements in vertical jumping and explosive movements.

Equipment Used: Ballistic Cables
Stability Ball Rollers

Stability Ball Crawl

To build functional strength in the upper body athletes need to use exercises which simultaneously challenge the strength and stability of multiple parts of the body. Burn up the shoulders and chest while creating stability in the core with the Kbands Stability Ball Crawl.

Equipment Used: Stability Ball
Calf Stretching

Calf Stretching Recovery Roller

There are many ways to stretch the calf muscle but some of the most effective ways are with a Recovery Foam Roller. Take a look at this video demonstration as we walk through the proper technique for effective calf stretching.

Equipment Used: Recovery Roller
Stability ball ab roller

Best Full Body Exercises To Strengthen Core

Build core stability to increase balance, agility, and strength with the Kbands Straight Body Plank Extension. Use this core exercise to help athletes hold their ground while taking contact during competition

Equipment Used: Stability Ball
Tricep Recovery

Tricep Stretching Recovery Roller

Athletes need to perform tricep stretches with the Recovery Foam Roller to increase force production from the chest and shoulders. These tricep stretches will allow greater force to be applied while performing pressing motion or quick movements with the arms.

Equipment Used: Recovery Roller
Stability Ball Wall Bounces

Prevent And Rehab A Rotator Cuff Injury

Build great stability in the rotator cuff by using strengthening, stretching, and mechanics drills. This rotator cuff strengthening drill allows athletes to use a higher tempo and different resistance to challenge and strengthen the shoulder muscles in a new and different way.

Equipment Used: Stability Ball
Glute Recovery

Glute and Piriformes Recovery Roller

Athletes experiencing tightness in their backside may need to stretch more than just their glutes. The piriformis muscle is a muscle, which works along side the glutes to aid in hip rotation and extension. Utilizing the Recovery Foam Roller will aid in loosening the piriformis and glutes creating greater range of motion in the hips and legs.

Equipment Used: Recovery Roller
Stability Ball One Leg Bridge

Bridge Balancer Leg Exercise

Use this dynamic full body workout to build strength in each leg, individually, while increasing muscle activation in the core with a static hold. Different levels of this core stability drill make it a challenging ab strengthening exercise for athletes of any skill level.

Equipment Used: Stability Ball
Bicep Recovery

Biceps Stretching Recovery Roller

The muscles of the bicep are extremely important to athletic production. Learning how to stretch the biceps will result in greater athletic performance and decreased injuries to the shoulders, arms, and back.

Equipment Used: Recovery Roller
Stability Ball Rockers

Unbalanced Ab Training

Incorporate Unbalanced Ab Training into a regular workout routine to see significant improvements in ab strength, balance, and increased athletic performance.

Equipment Used: Stability Ball
Forearm Recovery

Forearm Stretching Recovery Roller

Some of the best foam roller workouts are the ones that can alleviate pain. Forearms can cause some of the most painful tension throughout the elbow. Utilizing the recovery roller can relieve your pain and help you perform at your best.

Equipment Used: Recovery Roller
Traps Recovery

Traps and Neck Stretching Recovery Roller

The neck and traps can cause a lot of pain if they are under tension. Use the neck and traps work out today with the Recovery Foam Roller to relieve pain and stretch the trap and neck muscles.

Equipment Used: Recovery Roller
Stability Ball Static Holds

Rehabilitation and Shoulder Injury Prevention

Keep yourself in the game by performing the Y-W-T Shoulder Mobility Drill and strengthen your shoulders and rotator cuff. This strength and mobility drill will help athletes avoid injuries which could require surgery and months away from your sport.

Equipment Used: Stability Ball
Groin Recovery

Groin Stretching Recovery Roller

Athletes should utilize the Recovery Foam Roller to perform groin stretches and retain or improve hip mobility. These stretches are simple and can be performed before or after any intense physical exercise.

Equipment Used: Recovery Roller
Full Body Foam Roller Workout

Full Body Foam Roller Workout

Foam rolling is one of the most effective ways to stretch your muscles. The best foam roller stretches are the ones that roll your muscle fibers in the directions at which they lay. Utilize this full body foam rolling workout for a complete stretch.

Equipment Used: Recovery Roller
Chest Recovery

Chest Stretching Recovery Roller

Athletes performing training of the upper body should perform chest stretches. Properly stretching this area will ensure a complete range of motion and maximum force production from the upper body.

Equipment Used: Recovery Roller
IT Band Stretches to Relieve Knee Pain

IT Band Stretches to Relieve Knee Pain

Athletes that struggle with knee pain need to know how to relieve and prevent this knee pain. The cause of knee pain is often IT Band stress, learn how to stretch the IT Band properly with Kbands to relieve knee pain and improve performance.

Equipment Used: Ballistic Bands
Muscle Recovery Foods

Muscle Recovery Foods and Exercises

To see significant gains in overall athletic ability athletes need a good combination of strength training, sports specific training, and athlete nutrition.

Equipment Used: Ballistic Bands
Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

To see improvements in nutrition and caloric intake athletes need to test their energy level at the end of their workout. To see if your nutrition needs some work complete the Kbands Ballistic Bands Stability Ball Ab Combo.

Equipment Used: Stability Ball
Core Strength

Core Strengthening Exercises

Use this great ab strengthening routine as a burnout at the end of a workout or a dynamic warmup to increase joint readiness, raise body temperature, increase blood flow, and increase muscle activation. This challenging ab routine will help athletes in any sport increase balance, core strength, and core stability.

Equipment Used: Stability Ball
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