Recovery Foam Roller Rejuvenate Stretching Sequence

Recovery Foam Roller Rejuvenate Stretching Sequence

Published by Trevor Theismann on 22nd Nov 2021

The Rejuvenate Stretching Sequence

The Rejuvenate Stretching Sequence will help stretch your entire body through static compression holds and deep tissue massage techniques. For each body position you will roll the length of your muscle in search of trigger points. Attack each trigger point with 15-20 second static holds followed by 1-3 inch rolls. Refer to the training video to get comfortable with each muscle group.

Rejuvenate Stretching Sequence Workout Breakdown

Follow the workout breakdown below and watch the video above for a comprehensive review of your Recovery Foam Roller workout.

Legs and Glutes Stretching Sequence

Recovery Foam Roller: Legs and Glutes

Quadriceps: Perpendicular Roller Position - Begin at the hip flexor. Roll the inner, middle, and outer quad. 

Hamstrings: Perpendicular Roller Position - Begin sitting on top of the Roller. 3 rolling positions to increase muscle penetration.

IT Bands: Perpendicular Roller Position - One foot in front or two feet stacked. Roll from the glutes to the outer knee.

Glutes: Perpendicular and 45 Degree Roller Position - Vertical and angled rolls will help target glutes and piriformis.

Calves: Perpendicular Roller Position - Roll the inner, outer, and middle calf. Rotate the foot for guided penetration.   

Back and Core Stretching Sequence

Recovery Foam Roller: Back and Core

Upper Back: Perpendicular Roller Position - Roll the upper back with arms crossed. 1-3 inch rolls targeting trigger points. Shoulder tilt is also key. Tilt the shoulders to target the outer edges of the upper back. 

Shoulder Blades: Perpendicular Roller Position - Cross one arm over the chest to open the shoulder blade. Repeat this approach for both sides. 

Low Back: Perpendicular Roller Position - Sit on the roller and roll into the lower back. Arms crossed over the chest for proper back alignment. Pelvic tilt will help target the outer lumbar area. Spend time focusing on each side of the lumbar. 

Shoulder and Arms Stretching Sequence

Recovery Foam Roller: Shoulders and Arms

Shoulders: Perpendicular and 45 Degree Roller Position - Target outer, middle, and front portions of the shoulder. Next, move into the external extension rolling method.

Lats: Perpendicular Roller Position - Begin with a stationary hold releasing the lat muscles. Progress into a full stretch with 1-3 inch rolling. 

Triceps: Perpendicular Roller Position - Target angles of the tricep by rotating the thumb. Next, flex the bicep and press deeper into the roller. 

Biceps/Chest: Perpendicular Roller Position - The bicep and chest are rolled in the same manner. Lateral rolls across each muscle. 

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