HIIT Weight Training | Kbands Live 112

HIIT Weight Training | Kbands Live 112

Published by Trevor Theismann on 24th Nov 2021

Kbands Live 112

This style of weight training utilizes resistance training techniques to maximize heart rate during each movement. Build the most efficiently moving body and promote weight loss by properly moving joints through their range of motion. Kbands Live 112 will be utilizing not only Kbands resistance but also body weight to spike the heart rate and get the user into a fat burn mode quickly and effectively for the best HIIT weight loss workout. This is an extremely effective fat loss tool because of the body’s method to switch energy sources between quick bursts of energy and rest. The body must work hard to make this switch thus creating a greater fat burn.

HIIT weight training is the best method to tap into those fat stores quickly in the body. So power through every exercise with intentional intensity, making the most of each movement and getting the heart to pump hard during the bursts of energy. The Kbands Live 112 HIIT Weight Training circuit will require Victory Ropes, Ballistic Bands, and KB Powerbands which will keep the muscles under resistance leading to greater fat burn and quick HIIT weight loss.

HIIT Weight Training: Reverse Lunge Shoulder Press

Use the lighter level Ballistic Bands for this reverse lunge shoulder press HIIT weight loss exercise. Step on the Ballistic Band with front leg and grip the top half with the hand on the same side of the front foot. The palm should be facing the body. Now, step back into a reverse lunge while and when coming back up to a standing position, drive the Ballistic Band up into a shoulder press. This move is simple yet effective at building muscle and aiding in effective joint movement. Keep the core tight during this movement and the body in proper alignment. Hand should be shooting straight up and not out to the front or side of the body.

Proper alignment during this HIIT training workout is vital and ensures quick HIIT weight loss. Make smaller limbs move more efficiently by using the momentum of the legs to accelerate the arm into the air. Use the entire body to create the most effective HIIT weight loss workout. HIIT training should be completed quickly and explosively, optimizing each and every movement with power and intention. Perform 10-12 repetitions on the side before taking a 30-45 second rest. Perform a total of 4-5 sets of the resisted reverse lunge and press

HIIT Weight Training: Ballistic Band Squat Press

The Ballistic Band Squat Press is going to be completed by utilizing one level of Ballistic Band. The feet should be shoulder width apart and the band underneath the feet. Hold the top half of the Ballistic Band in front of the chest and maintain a good athletic stance. Hands are also about shoulder width apart. To begin, squat down into a deep squat and push through the resistance, keeping weight in the heels, to come back to a standing position and drive the arms up above the head in a shoulder press position. Now, bring the arms back down and the body all the way back to the squat.

Drive through the resistance of the bands with power and intensity to spike the heart rate. Keep the muscles under tension for that explosive muscle action to increase fat burn and create the most effective HIIT weight loss workout. Perform 10-12 repetitions to failure. Push the body to its limits and challenge the muscles of the hips, glutes and shoulders. By utilizing multiple muscle groups for these short bursts the body will have an after burn effect. This means the metabolism spikes even after HIIT weight training is over. Perform 4-5 complete sets using the proper level of resistance. Utilize the hips to really explode through the movement and activate the shoulders throughout the movement.

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HIIT Weight Training: KB Powerbands Lateral Raises

Lateral raises are going to target the shoulders and utilizing the resistance bands will increase heart rate. HIIT weight training will have the heart pumping powerfully through each move for effective fat burn. Stand shoulder width apart gripping the handles of the KB Powerbands at the sides. Now raise the arms in a T-shape. Keep the arms straight and do not raise higher than shoulder level. Perform 10-12 repetitions before taking a brief 30-40 break and them moving directly into the next set.

Complete a total of 4 sets and maintain good form and nice quick pace. The quick pace will be important for this move to keep heart rate up. The key with HIIT weight training is to work to failure, getting the heart rate up, and then bringing it down during the rest period just to have it spike again. This huge switch is how the body is burning max calories for HIIT weight loss. Choose the resistance that will get you the full range of motion and activate the deltoid to its max capability.

HIIT Weight Training: Victory Rope Angled Cross Pulls

The Kbands Victory Ropes should be mounted on the lowest level Fusion Wall Mount for this powerful HIIT weight training move. By using the torque of the hips almost every muscle must be activated to maintain balance and bodily alignment. The more muscles utilized the more intense the fat burn and HIIT weight loss, because muscles under tension are how calories are burned. Begin in a wide plank position; feet and hands are shoulder width apart to give enough stability for a powerful move.

Contract the core and tuck the hips under to target the core. Hold the rope at a 45-degree angle from the wall with the right hand. In the plank position, pull the Victory Rope to the opposite knee, tucking into a little ball. Tighten the core and maintain resistance through the full range of motion. Do not allow the arm to simply fling back toward the wall; in a controlled movement bring the Victory Rope and knee together and then back to starting position. Keep a flat back with the hips rolled under for this movement. Complete 10 powerful reps on each side. Finish 4 total sets and take 30-40 second breaks between each set.

Kbands Live 112: Final Thoughts

Always be conscious of form in order to get the most effective HIIT weight loss workout possible. Kbands equipment is designed to target specific muscle groups to build strong lean muscle all while burning fat and calories. Check out this High Intensity Cardio Workout for another intense and powerful workout that will burn calories and get the body in shape. HIIT weight training also leaves the body with what is called the after burn effect. This means that for hours after a HIIT weight-training workout the metabolism is in a boosted state, so even sitting you are burning more calories and burning calories more effectively with daily movements.

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