Cardio Interval Training Workout | Kbands Live 111

Cardio Interval Training Workout | Kbands Live 111

Published by Trevor Theismann on 25th Nov 2021

Kbands Live 111: Cardio Interval Training

The heart is the most powerful muscle in the body, by strengthening this system using interval cardio; the body becomes a fat burning and efficient tool during any sport or activity. This workout is perfect for athletes and non-athletes. Cardio interval training is vital for heart strength and health during any sport performance and for maintaining a healthy body. Cardio interval training with Kbands Live 111 is an intense set of exercises to accelerate the heart rate for short bursts to build endurance and power. Interval cardio workouts are all about pushing the body and pace to increase cardiovascular ability and output for powerful performance that is unbeatable. Kbands equipment is durable and designed to maintain muscle tension throughout movements for greater cardio output. Muscle under tension is how the body is transformed and muscles built. So push through the resistance to improve cardio ability with this interval cardio workout. Take time between each exercise and then give max effort during the exercise. This change in heart rate is the interval in interval cardio training.

Cardio Interval Training: KB Duo Suspended Challenger Sequence

Boost the heart rate right away with the challenger interval cardio workout. This exercise will primarily challenge the upper body but utilize the core as well. By utilizing multiple muscle groups and body weight the cardiovascular system is placed under enough stress to increase endurance. Utilize the KB Duo and move the handle to the side so that the feet can easily slide into the strap. The first move in this sequence is the atomic push up. In pushup position, with the feet in the KB Duo Foot Loop, start by powering through and push up, at the top of the push up pull the knees in toward the chest for a tuck. Keep the hips tucked so the back is protected. Complete 8 reps of this interval cardio move and then immediately transition into the pike by driving the hips up and making a V-shape with the body. Perform 8 reps and then transition to perform 8 knee ups. Drive the knees in toward the chest in a tucking motion and squeeze the abs and glutes to get the most muscle activation out of this move. Finish out this incredible interval cardio workout sequence with 30-second mountain climbers. Heart rate will be through the roof so take a break between sets and complete 4 sets of the interval cardio challenger sequence.

Cardio Interval Training: Victory Rope Shuffle Torque

The Victory Rope Torque Shuffle is an interval cardio movement will require the user to power through with every muscle to train the cardiovascular system. Multiple muscle activation is the key to getting and keeping the heart rate up throughout the workout. First, use the Fusion Wall Mount to mount the Victory Rope at chest level. Start with the right side next to the wall, explosively shuffle from the wall and then drive the Victory Ropes across the chest extending the right arm. Really utilize the torque of the hips to power through for the most effective cardio interval training workout possible. Do not over rotate. By utilizing multiple muscle groups the heart rate is up and muscles are being pushed to max capability, which is vital for building cardiovascular strength and endurance. Perform 12 reps on each side. Take an extended rest of one minute to 90-seconds between sets and complete 4 total sets. Keep up the pace and push the body to failure work as quickly as possible.

Cardio Interval Training: Kbands Squat Kickers

Increase heart rate and challenge multiple muscle groups with Kbands Squat Kickers. This extreme Kbands muscle activation as well as increased heart rate is what makes this a simple yet effective interval-training move. While wearing the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands perform 4 butt kickers and then a squat and then 4 butt kickers, repeat this sequence for a minute straight. Power through using the core and glutes. These are large muscle groups which will increase heart rate and also leave an after burn effect, meaning metabolism is on fire after this interval cardio routine. The Kbands are going to force the user to activate the glute muscles and core for stability especially during the squat movement. Perform 3 sets at one minute each with 30-45 seconds rest in between sets. Take a minute to 90-second break before moving to the next exercise in this fat loss workout. Keep the chest high during the butt kickers and knees inline with the ankles during the squats.

Cardio Interval Training: Kbands Resisted Knee Ups

Kbands Resisted Knee Ups are the next exercise for cardio interval training. Start in a slight front lunge position and drive that knee up through the resistance of the Kbands with speed and control. Bring the arms down at the same time the knee comes up for core activation. The Kbands will force the user to activate muscles for control and stability thus increasing heart rate for higher cardio training. Power through the burn for incredible interval cardio that will train the muscle of the heart. Perform this exercise for 30 seconds on each side for a total of 2-3 sets. Take 30 second breaks in between each set. Drive the leg back down and through the resistance to get the most intense amount of muscle activation during this cardio training workout. Drive the knee up with great power and keep a quick and consistent rhythm.

Kbands Live 111: Final Thoughts

Interval cardio workouts should be high intensity and the use of Kbands Resistance Bands make this an even more effective way to use simple movements. Getting the heart rate up for short bursts and taking a break to bring it back down. This will train the aerobic system of the body to maintain endurance during any sport performance. Another great interval cardio workout is Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss and Cardio Challenge.

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