Full Body Workout at Home with Resistance Bands

Full Body Workout at Home with Resistance Bands

Published by Trevor Theismann on 22nd Nov 2021

Full Body Workout at Home with Resistance Bands

If you need to change your at home fitness routine then complete this workout right away. This at home workout hits all the major muscle groups using 4 supersets minimizing  your time and maximizes your results. It will also shake up your home workout and cause a lot of muscle confusion with resistance bands. This means more muscle activation and muscle development from your at home full body workouts.

Tricep Kickback and Chest Press

The first superset is a Tricep Kickback and a Chest Press. Put the appropriate Fusion Cable resistance level on the mounts. You should be under tension during the entire workout and each set should be to failure. For the Chest Press keep the elbows by your side and squeeze the chest in the middle throughout the exercise rotation. Stand tall and keep your shoulders back and down. This helps to isolate the chest muscles. Keep a consistent and constant motion with a quick pulse at the end. Make sure you control the deceleration during the exercise. This creates more time under muscle tension, which will stimulate muscle toning and ultimately muscle growth. While performing the Tricep Kickback ensure the elbow stays even with the body no matter the bend in your waist. The arm angle should match the spine angle to ensure you are working the tricep correctly.

Work both arms to failure in each set, pushing yourself to do more than the usual 10-12 reps. Perform 4-5 sets to failure with a 20-30 rest break between sets before setting up for the next superset that will target the middle/upper back and shoulders.

Chest Pullover and Reverse Fly

Put a Fusion Cable on a low mount for the Chest Pullover. Place the Fusion Cables on each of the middle mounts for the Reverse Fly. Choose the appropriate resistance band so you have constant resistance throughout each exercise. For the Reverse Fly place the cables in opposite hands and stand in a neutral position. Do not arch the back during the movement and squeeze your should blades at the top of the contraction. Keep your arms straight to target the upper back and shoulders during this exercise. While performing the Chest Pullover make sure you squeeze the upper chest and control the deceleration back to the bottom.

Stand tall with a slight bend in the knees. This stature will ensure you work the chest muscles during this at home workout. Keep your muscles flexed throughout the movement. To get maximum results you have to continually isolate the muscles being targeted in the home workout. While this is hard to do initially, the more you practice muscle isolation during each set the better you will become at this. You will begin to be better at muscle isolation and in turn see greater results from your workouts. Your muscle fatigue or soreness should be greater after each workout. This translates to greater gains. Perform 4-5 sets with a 20-30 second break between the supersets. After this exercise group prepare for the next superset.

Push-Ups and Side Lunges

Next perform a push-up set to failure as a warm up. Keep your hands low and below your chest, not at the shoulder. Many people new to fitness place their hands to high, up by their shoulders or head. This push-up form can cause shoulder pain or impingement. Additionally, you are not working the chest properly so you are not achieving maximum muscle activation.

Place your Fusion Cables on the top and middle mounts and attach a Fusion Handle. As in all of these workouts select the resistance that will challenge you throughout the entire set. Grab the handle and perform a side lunge to the side, breaking at the hips. Keep the back leg straight and your shoulders and head up. Pull the load in front with straight arms. This will engage the muscles in your obliques, core and legs. As you progress through this superset you should be burning in the legs and core. This burn lets you know you are doing the exercise correctly and getting results. Do 10-12 lunges on each side before quickly moving into Push-Ups to failure. Perform 4-5 sets with a 20-30 second rest before moving into the last superset.

Overhead Bicep Curl, Tricep Pushdown and Standing Abdominal Crunches

The final superset is the Overhead Bicep Curl, Tricep Pushdowns, and Standing Abdominal Crunches. Place your Fusion Cables on the top mount for the Overhead Bicep Curl exercise. Put your elbow out even with your body as on a shelf, keep a flat arm and curl the hand to your ear. Curling to the back of your head will isolate the muscle and provide greater results. Make sure you are not curling to your forehead. Curling to the front of your head does not work and isolate the bicep. As we talked about before make sure to isolate the bicep with a quick squeeze in the bicep at the top of the exercise.

Perform the Tricep Pushdowns by placing a Ballistic Band on a squat rack or other high mount. Keep your elbows to your side, upper arm stable, shoulders back and squeeze the muscle at the bottom for maximum activation. Keep a fast pace because this will increase the muscle burn. After the Tricep Pushdown then perform Standing Abdominal Crunches. Grab the Ballistic Band in your hands and bend with your head between the straps. This will activate your abs and is a good additional exercise while the Overhead Bicep Curl finishes. Perform each of these exercises to failure in each of your 4-5 sets with a 20-30 second rest break between sets.

Final Thoughts | Full Body Workouts

This is a great full body workout at home. It will target the bicep, triceps, back, chest, abdominals, legs and obliques. Home exercising is hard to do and ensure your workout routine doesn’t become stale. Incorporating many exercises in your home workout will shock your muscles and help them to become more firm and toned. This at home full body workout will give you maximum results for your workout time. This workout with resistance bands is easily performed alone or with a workout partner.

A workout partner helps to increase your accountability, helps to challenge yourself as you work to keep up or ensure you work hard to set the bar higher for the next set. It can be frustrating to workout at home consistently and not seem to be getting results. Changing your exercise workout routine will help with results. You should also look at your eating program to determine what adjustments should be made there to help with your fitness goals. A consistent and challenging full body home workout routine cannot undo the damages of a poor eating routine. Shock your body by performing new exercises but also focus on your diet.

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