The Best Upper Body Workouts At Home


The Best Upper Body Workout At Home Benefits

If you are looking for the best upper body workouts at home then these are for you.  If you don't have weights, dumbbells, or bars that leaves you with only doing push-ups or pull-ups for a great upper body workout at home to develop your upper body. And pull-ups are hard for most people. The Fusion Cables Home Training System allows you to have great diversity and variety in your work out at home. You can quickly increase or decrease the resistance because of the 5 levels of Fusion Cables. The following upper body workouts are great for men as well as being a great upper body workout for women. This is because the appropriate Fusion Cables can be used to insure that anyone can work their muscles to failure and get results. The following upper body workout routine uses Fusion Cables.  You will be performing a Chest Press, Elevated Reverse Flies, Separation Pulls, and Concentration Curls. While performing all of these exercises you will want to use maximum resistance without compromising your form. This will ensure you are working your muscles to failure and getting the best results during your upper body workout at home.




Fusion Cables Chest Press

The set up for the Fusion Cables Chest Press is easy. Place a Fusion Cables Resistance Band on each of the six mounts. Remember we want to always work heavy. Attach a Fusion Handle to each side. Grab the handles and face away from the wall. Keep your elbows low while driving through with your arms. Rock in your hands when you are at full extension to flex your chest muscles. When fully extended squeeze your chest to get maximum benefit.

The body position is very important in this exercise. Ensure your feet are in a staggered position. This allows for better leverage off the wall and increases the benefit of this chest press off the wall. This positioning ensures that your chest is the primary muscle being worked. The Fusion Cables Chest Press is a great exercise to ensure you are working the muscles of your chest. Complete 3 sets of 12 reps. Every set should be to failure. Take a 60 second break between sets. Your time is precious so you when performing your workouts at home make sure you are getting maximum benefit with every rep. 




Fusion Cables Elevated Reverse Fly

The next upper body workout is The Fusion Cables Elevated Reverse Fly. This is a great workout at home to build and develop your upper back and shoulders. Attach a pair of Fusion Cables to the low mount and put handles on each end. Cross the handles over and position yourself off the wall so your body is upright and straight. Your shoulders should be back and down. Pull the Fusion Cables up and out to get a nice stretch in your upper back and shoulders while utilizing the separation resistance provided by the Fusion Cables. You should be burning with each rep of this exercise.

Make sure you maintain a nice upright position and don't arch your back. Make sure you stabilize your body and you're not rocking. During the eccentric movement your hands should slide in a slight crossover and backward motion. Open up in the natural arms slots extending the back for a great flex. Perform 4 sets of 12 reps with a 60 second break between sets. If you're burning at the end of each set that's OK. This is all about time under tension and keeping the rest periods short to maximize muscle burn and development.

If you need to cheat, then the cheat is in the front. Bend over to gain momentum before starting the movement. After the movement starts return to the stable upright position and complete the upper body workout. Never go past vertical and never arch your back. Remember at the top to extend and flex your upper back and shoulder muscles for a great workout.




Fusion Cables Separated Pulls

You can easily transition between exercises using the Fusion Cables Home Training System. During the Fusion Cables Separated Pulls you'll want to put your resistance bands on the middle mount. Thread the Fusion Strap through the loops on the end of the Fusion Cables. Thread the small loop through the big loop end and pull it tight so the small loop is the working point. Attach two Fusion Handles to the small loop. Step off the wall and pull the resistance bands with your lat muscles to your chest. Keep a straight back and stay upright. Keep your elbows low and flat pulling the handles towards your chest. Continually pull the handles apart while pulling the Fusion Cables Resistance Bands to the edge of your chest.

You should work to keep the maximum separation between the handles during the entire movement. This exercise works the shoulders and upper back while utilizing the separation in the handles.  Make sure you are squeezing the muscle at the top of the exercise. Perform 3 sets of 8 reps. Take a 60 second rest after each set.  Each set should be to failure. At the conclusion of this upper body workout at home your shoulders should be burning. Remember you can easily increase the resistance by stepping off the wall or adding Fusion Cables to the mount. This is another great upper body workout for men and can easily become a great upper body workout for women by adjusting the resistance with a lighter fusion cable. Now you are ready for the last exercise in this workout at home.




Fusion Cables Concentration Curls

The final exercise in this Best Upper Body Workout At Home is the Fusion Cable Concentration Curls. Start this upper body workout routine by attaching the appropriate Fusion Cables to one of the low mounts. Thread the small end of the fusion strap through the mount and then put the large loop through the small loop and pull it tight. Then thread 1 or 2 Fusion Cables through the large loop. Attach one handle to the end of the Fusion Cables and then step away from the wall.

Get into a bent over position with your chest dropped and with your elbow up. Drive the knuckles to the ceiling. Squeezing the bicep during each rep. Work in front of your body. Lock your elbows so it does not rotate during this upper body workout. Again, the resistance should be heavy and you should work each arm quickly and to failure.

There are no rest periods between sets.  Work one arm and then switch to the other and then quickly return back to the first. Work to complete 3 sets of 10 before ending this workout. This is a great workout at home that will create a burn and build your biceps. Women don’t need to worry about building big biceps but they will tone and have nice definition in their upper arm.

Final Thoughts

This Best Upper Body Workout At Home using the Fusion Cable Home Training System allows you to easily work your shoulders and upper back. The Fusion Cables System allows you to easily transition between workouts at home. Without a lot of bars and weights your home workouts to build muscle has been limited to pushups and pull-ups. And pull-ups can be difficult. Remember to always focus on your form during each set and rep.

Also remember to isolate and squeeze the muscle you are working during the workout at home. The Fusion STP has additional workouts at home that you can incorporate can into your at home workout routine.

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