Ab Workout Routines


Ab Workout Routines

This Ab Workout Routine is a great ab set that will work your core from different angles without having to leave your house.  The Fusion Cables Home Training System is a flexible home workout system that will keep challenging your core so you are never bored and ensures you are getting great muscle activation. These ab workout routines will also work your legs and back indirectly giving you a great overall body workout.

This is a fast paced home workout that will give you maximum results for your time. Make sure you maintain a high tempo and only take the recommended breaks. We will quickly transition between the 3 ab routines. The Fusion Cables system design makes the transition between exercises quick and easy. It also allows you to use the appropriate level of resistance with each set. You can easily set up for the following exercise during the rest period.





Place 2 Fusion Cables on each of the low mounts and move off of the wall. If you are heavier you may need to add an additional Fusion cable to the middle mount to ensure you have the proper resistance. Get into position and drive your hips up and off the floor and slowly lower your legs as you practice wiping your feet against the opposite wall. Keep your legs and body in a straight plank position. Reach with your legs as you slowly descend from the top.  Once your hips come off the ground they don’t touch again until the very bottom of this ab routine. This should be extremely difficult.

Stay in the plank and go to the brink of not touching and then return to the top without letting the butt hit the ground. You will perform 6 sets of 8-10 reps with a quick 30 second break between sets. This is a great ab routine to develop and build your core.  This is not an easy exercise when performed properly. Keep working and you will quickly improve so you can get maximum benefit from this ab routine in your home workout. During the last break then convert the resistance bands to the set up needed for the next ab workout. 





The next ab routine is the Fusion Cables Oblique Static Holds. Quickly place the 6 Fusion Cables on the wall mounts.  Getting into and maintaining the proper body position is critical to ensure maximum benefits for this ab routine. Place your hands on top of each other and move off the wall.  Get into a lateral position to the wall and drop down into a lunge position. The outside leg is the dominant leg in this ab routine.  Drive your arms and hands out away from your body to challenge your core. If you keep your hands to close then you will only get leg activation.

Extend your hands out to the place where it challenges your balance for 20 seconds. When you challenge your balance you are also developing and activating your core. If it is too easy move off the wall or increase the level of resistance band that you are using. If it is too hard reduce the resistance. As you drop into your hips your legs will fatigue during this ab routine. Make sure you push through this and do not stand.

Maintain a 90 degree front side. Keep your chest up and hips in a nice low position. Complete a 20 second hold in one direction and then turn and face the other direction with another 20 second hold. Take a 30 second break between sides. Complete a total of 3 rounds in this ab routine before moving into the final ab routine exercise that you can easily perform at home.





Finally, get set up for the Fusion Cables 2 Point Abs in this abs workout routine. You will be challenging your abs from a 2 point position. Attach a Fusion Handle to two Cables on a low mount and come off the wall. There should be resistance throughout this entire ab routine. Get into a plank position and move your opposite hand to the opposite knee. The hand without the Handle becomes the base and well as the opposite foot. Drive the hand with the Fusion Handle toward the opposite knee, meeting in the middle. Get a good squeeze in the abs and then completely extend back out getting back into a flat plank position. Don’t rock your hips and keep a good flat back working in continual resistance during this abs workout routine. Pull down, drive your knee and flex your abs during this entire sequence. Complete 3 sets of 12 reps on each side. There will be a 30 second break between sets.


If you have low back pain or difficulty standing tall with your shoulders up and back it could be you have a weak core. This routine will allow you to work your core from different angles and build your strength. It is a great ab routine to help you build and develop the 6-pack that everyone wants. You will also be working your legs. A strong core is important for posture and ensuring your other exercises are performed with proper form so you are getting maximum benefit and reducing your risk of injury.

Using the Fusion Cables System at home lets you easily transition between ab routines, or other workouts in the Fusion STP program. The 5 levels of resistance bands also help ensure you are working each muscle group to failure. The resistance can be easily increased or decreased depending on the exercise or the person performing the home workout routine. The workouts you can perform at home using the Fusion Cables Home Training System are unlimited.

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