Top 4 Arm Workouts at Home for Biceps and Triceps


Top 4 Arm Workouts at Home for Biceps and Triceps Benefits

These bicep and tricep exercises are great arm workouts that can be easily performed at home using the Fusion Cable Home Training System.  When working out at home it is important not to get into a rut and perform the same exercises over and over. You need to continually challenge your muscles by adding different exercises and amounts of resistance. These arm workouts are a great set of workouts to challenge and build your upper arm. They will help develop your upper arm so you will get greater definition and girth.




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The Top 4 Arm Workouts at Home for Biceps and Triceps is a set of 4 upper arm workouts. We will alternate between a bicep exercise and a tricep workout during this home workout. This way we are working the muscles directly and indirectly, helping to maximize your gains. The Fusion Cable Home Training System is a versatile home training system that allows you to easily move between various muscle groups using resistance bands. It is the perfect piece of home workout equipment. We alternate between the muscle groups with these 4 workouts to build your bi’s and tri’s and help you shake up your home routine.  This arm workout will help your muscles grow because you are continually challenging them with different exercises in the same arm workout.  This is called muscle confusion. 




Fusion Cables Elevated Bicep Curls   

We will start the arm workouts with the Fusion Cables Elevated Bicep Curls. Attach the proper resistance band level to the top Fusion Mount by threading the loop under the mount and then over the top twice.  After it is secured walk away from the wall. Place your elbows high as if they were on a shelf. They should be even with your shoulders. Curl your hands back to the side of your ear maintaining straight wrists. Do not curl toward your face. Curling to your face will minimize the benefits of this bicep exercise. This is a great bicep exercise isolation movement. Make sure you flex and squeeze the bicep at the top of the movement so you get great muscle contraction while performing the exercise. By squeezing at the top of the movement maximizes the exercise and the benefits you will receive. You will perform a total of 3 sets.
Perform 15 curls and then move into 2 different static holds of 5 second each. The first 5 second static hold will place the arm at a 90° angle in the elbow. Again contract and squeeze the bicep throughout the 5 second hold. Then immediately move into the second static hold that is again 5 seconds with an extended arm with a slight bend. These holds at the end challenge the bicep in both a contracted and lengthened state. Maintain proper form throughout the bicep workout.  Take a 60 second rest period at the end of each set.  At the end of 3 sets, quickly transition to the first tricep workout.




Fusion Cables Double Tricep Kickback

The next exercise in this arm workout is the Fusion Cables Double Tricep Kickback.  We will again be using the high mount. Use the proper amount of Fusion Cable Resistance Bands and back away from the wall. The resistance level should be making you fail at the end of each set. Cross the Fusion Cables in each hand and kick the resistance bands back. Extend the arms and flex at the top while rolling your fingers out. Remember to squeeze the triceps at the top of the extension to get even greater results.
When you return to the starting position don't go beyond a 90° bend. We can perform more reps because we are working both arms simultaneously. Make sure the resistance weight is high and the pace is high. Accelerate through each set of 15 before taking a short 60 second break. Complete a total of 4 sets. Remember to squeeze the triceps during this tricep workout and challenge the resistance. If you need to add additional resistance cables you can easily do this during your rest period. Each set should be to failure. After completing this arm workout move back to the next bicep exercise.




Overhead Bicep Curls | Arm Workout

Now you will perform the second bicep exercise to continue working the upper arms. This is another great bicep exercise that will work the biceps from a different angle. The Overhead Bicep Curls Workout will require you to use the Fusion Mounting strap on the top mount. Thread the little end of the strap through the mount and then pull the larger loop through the small end.  Pull this tight.  Then select the proper amount of resistance bands and thread these through the large loop. Again the resistance should be greater enough for failure but not compromise your form.

Attach the Fusion Handles and lay on your back on the floor. Keep your arms high and pull your hands to your forehead. Do not pull the hands to your neck or lower on your face. This will minimize the amount of benefit from this bicep exercise. Remember to focus on the bicep and squeeze the muscle throughout the range of motion. Again maintain a high pace during this bicep exercise. You should perform 3 sets of 12.  Take a 60 second break between sets to allow your muscles to have a slight break before hitting them again.
This is a great bicep exercise because it works the muscle while it is contracted and lengthened. Once our have completed this bicep exercise get ready for the final tricep workout. 

Fusion Cable Bent Over Kickbacks

The final exercise in this arm workout is the Fusion Cable Bent Over Kickback. You will be using a lower mount during this tricep workout. Attach the appropriate level of resistance to the mount and move back from the wall. Grasp the handles in a bent over position with your elbows up. Make sure the elbows stay up throughout the exercise. Drive the knuckles to the ceiling and squeeze the triceps at the top. You will alternate between arms with no rest. Perform 10 reps on one arm before moving to the opposite arm. Continually go back-and-forth between your two arms for 3 sets.
This nonstop action will cause your triceps to be on fire at the completion of this set.  Helping them to develop and grow.
Body position is important for this exercise. Do not square your hips and feet to the wall. Instead, split your feet. The back foot should be on the same side as the arm doing the arm workout. This will ensure your hips and legs do not block the arm movement during the tricep workout. Keep a flat back while performing the exercise so you are isolating the tricep with every move. 

Top 4 Arm Workouts at Home for Biceps and Triceps Final Thoughts 

This is a great at home arm workout using the Fusion Cables Home Training System that will challenge your biceps and triceps in the same home workout. Working both muscles in the same arm workout allows you to work them both directly and indirectly with each exercise. The Fusion Cable Home Training System is a versatile training tool that allows you to easily transition between workouts and muscle groups.
The Fusion Cables also allow you to easily increase or decrease the resistance to ensure you are getting maximum benefit from every workout. The 5 levels of resistance bands also help to ensure that you are working each muscle to failure. You can easily add additional Fusion Cables if you need increased resistance to obtain muscle burn during your home workout. This great arm workout will keep your home workouts interesting and challenging.  The arm workouts that can be performed using Fusion Cables are unlimited.

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