Cheer Resistance Bands Abs Workout | Resisted Scissor Kicks Combo

Cheer Resistance Bands Abs Workout | Resisted Scissor Kicks Combo

A large amount of the muscle is trained when muscles are forced to produce movement and then maintain a static hold. The movement forces the muscles to go through a long range of motion which fatigues the muscle and the muscles stabilizing the body for the movement. When the static hold begins the muscles have already been put through a strenuous movement and are now fatigued. By first fatiguing the muscles the athlete has made the following static hold more difficult and more effective.



Perform The Scissor Kicks Plank Combo

When performing scissor kicks in an abs workout cheerleaders need to take time to practice good form to maximize training time and work the desired muscles more efficiently. Scissor kicks involve a cheerleader lying on their back and bringing both heels 4-6 inches off of the ground. From this position cheerleaders will begin the scissor kicks by leaving one leg 4-6 inches off the ground and raising the opposite leg so it creates a 90 degree angle with the leg parallel to the ground. Cheerleaders will hold this position for 4 seconds before simultaneously switching the position of the legs so the opposite leg is in the starting position 4-6 inches off the ground, and the leg which had been parallel to the ground is now vertical.

When switching the leg positioning on the scissor kicks cheerleaders will want to maintain great control both as they lower and raise the legs. This will maintain constant tension on the muscles of the abs and the hip flexors.

One of the simplest and most effective abs workout is the plank. The plank requires an athlete to lay down on their stomach and draw their elbows in so they are directly underneath the shoulders. Athletes will then raise their hips off the ground while maintaining their feet 12-15 inches apart. Athletes should work to maintain a straight line which runs from the head down to the feet. While performing the plank it is important athletes maintain tightness in their core and do not let their hips begin to sink during the Cheer Resistance Bands Abs Workout.

Different abs workout and plank variations can be found in the Training Section. Plank variations like the Dynamic Plank Extensions or the RSC Sliding Planks are great abs workouts which apply resistance and full body movement to enhance the effectiveness of the plank exercise.

Best Abs Workout For Cheerleaders

To perform the Resisted Scissor Kicks Combo cheerleaders will need a set of Kbands Cheer Resistance Bands attached just above their knees. Cheerleaders can browse the different levels of Cheer Resistance Bands in the Shop Section. Cheerleaders will first lie on their backs and begin to perform scissor kicks (as explained in the previous section). Cheerleaders will perform the alternating scissor kicks for 25-40 seconds before rolling to their stomach and moving into the plank position. Cheerleaders will hold the plank position for 25-40 seconds or for the same duration as the scissor kicks. Cheerleaders will rest for 25-40 seconds before moving through the Cheer Bands Scissor Kicks Combo.

Cheerleaders will perform 3-6 sets of the Cheer Resistance Bands Abs Workout before removing the Cheer Bands and performing 1-3 unresisted sets of the Resisted Scissor Kicks Combo. Cheerleaders should make a quick transition from the scissor kicks into the plank position. A quick transition will help to train more of the desired muscles in the abs, hip flexors, and low back.

While performing the scissor kicks cheerleaders should not let their heels make contact with the ground. Cheerleaders should also keep their legs as straight as possible while performing the scissor kicks. The full extension of the legs during the scissor kicks will allow more tension to be placed on the abs and hip flexors. While performing the scissor kicks cheerleaders should avoid placing their hands underneath their hips as this takes tension away from the abs as it changes the angle of the hips during the scissor kicks. Cheerleaders should instead try to actively flatten out their low back on the ground by tightening the abdominal muscles. During the plank portion of the abs workout cheerleaders should keep their hands separated to increase the intensity and effectiveness of the abs workout.

Use This Abs Workout In Your Regular Training Routine

An abs workout is the foundation of any good workout. Strengthening the abs through multiple movements and speeds will help athletes create a solid core. The key to the ultimate success of any athlete ultimately lies in the strength of the abdominal muscles. These muscles work in unison with other parts of the body to stabilize during a Scorpion or help to get extra leg extension during a Toe Touch.


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Good placement for an abs workout in a training routine depends on the needs of the athlete. If core strength is an apparent weakness then an abs workout involving different speeds and movements should be utilized at the beginning of the workout and worked in periodically throughout the training routine. Performing an abs workout at the beginning of a training routine will mean cheerleaders performing the abs workout will have more energy and less fatigued muscles.

Of course before performing any type of training routine or even abs workout cheerleaders must perform static and dynamic stretching to prepare their bodies for activity. After static stretching is performed with the Kbands Stunt Strap an abs workout is a great dynamic warmup which will prepare both the legs and hip flexors for further training. After training is complete cheerleaders can recover from the abs workout and training with the Rejuvenating Stretching Sequence. This stretching sequence utilizes the Kbands Recovery Foam Roller to help cheerleaders begin the recovery process as soon as training has ended. Use the Kbands Stunt Strap, Recovery Foam Roller, and Rejuvenating Stretching Sequence together to help cheerleaders become more flexible and avoid injuries.


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