Hip Flexor Warmup For Cheerleaders | Kbands Hurdler Stretching Routine

Hip Flexor Warmup For Cheerleaders | Kbands Hurdler Stretching Routine

Just because something is defined as a stretching routine or a warmup does not mean cheerleaders cannot athletically benefit from the movements being performed. By adding Kbands to this hip flexor stretching routine cheerleaders will be able to perform a dynamic warmup which properly prepares the hip flexor muscles for intense training or performing. Cheerleaders will also receive a great warmup in the glutes as these muscles work to stabilize the cheerleaders body throughout the Kbands Hurdler Stretching Routine.

Cheerleaders require a huge combination of strength, flexibility, and mobility while performing routines. Their training and stretching routines need to reflect the type of physical activities which these athletes will be performing. Since cheerleaders will be performing such a dynamic movement they will want to utilize the Kbands Stunt Strap and the Kbands Recovery Foam Roller before performing the Kbands Hurdler Stretching Routine. Athletes can go to the Training Section for demonstrations and tips of how to properly use these stretching items to warmup the glute and hip flexor muscles.



Kbands Hurdler Stretching Routine: Getting Started And Executing

To begin the Kbands Hurdler Stretching Routine cheerleaders will need a set of Kbands Leg Resistance Bands with the resistance bands attached just above the knees. Cheerleaders will begin the stretching routine by alternating between performing a forward hurdler and a reverse hurdler.

A “hurdler” is an exercise in this stretching routine which properly prepares the hip flexor muscles for physical activity, while adding strength to the glutes and hip flexor muscles. To perform a forward hurdler cheerleaders will stand straight, try to point their knee directly to their side, and bring the knee up and forward, as if the cheerleader is attempting to clear a hurdle with their knee. Cheerleaders will maintain this portion of the hip flexor stretching routine for 10-15 seconds before rotating to a reverse hurdler. When performing a reverse hurdler in the hip flexor stretching routine cheerleaders will reverse the motion made on the forward hurdler, raise their knee, and then rotate it to their rear as if they were stepping backward over a hurdle. Athletes will perform a 10-15 second set of both hurdler variations on one leg before performing the same stretching routine on the opposite leg. Athletes will complete 3-4 resisted rounds of the hip flexor warmup with each leg before removing the Kbands and performing 1 unresisted set of the hip flexor exercises with each leg. Athletes will need short rest periods after completing each set and can mainly use the time spent executing the hip flexor exercise on the opposite leg as their recovery time.

As cheerleaders work through this hip flexor stretching routine they should try to stay on one leg throughout the Kbands Hurdler Stretching Routine. This will force the glutes to fire and stabilize athletes as they take the muscles of the hip flexor through this great stretching routine.


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Kbands Hurdler Stretching Routine: Technique

When performing the Kbands Hurdler Stretching Routine it is important cheerleaders are using great technique and body positioning to ensure a great warmup and great strength is gained in the hip flexor muscles. While executing the forward hurdler, as cheerleaders rotate their knee out to the side it is important they work to open up their hips and actively think about pointing their knee straight out to the side. This will force great activation in the hip flexor and prepare a larger portion of the hip flexor muscles for physical activity. As cheerleaders rotate their legs out to the side they should work to maintain a 90 degree angle at the knee and at the hips. When cheerleaders are performing the reverse hurdlers they should work to bring the leg to this position toward the end of the movement.

While executing the stretching routine cheerleaders should maintain a good pace while working the hip flexor muscles through a long range of motion. On their plant leg cheerleaders should maintain a slight bend in their knee as they force the glutes to stabilize the body. During unresisted sets of the stretching routine cheerleaders need to work for even greater form and longer range of motion as they attempt to tax and fatigue the larger portion of hip flexor muscle which has been activated due to the presence of the Kbands in the stretching routine. Cheerleaders should also work to keep their foot underneath their knee while executing the Kbands Hurdler Stretching Routine. This is another body positioning tip which cheerleaders should focus on getting right in order to maximize their training time and effectively prepare the body for training or competition.

Hip Flexor Strengthening After The Kbands Hurdler Stretching Routine Is Complete

Cheerleaders must develop a proper mix of strength and flexibility in order to be successful. Once cheerleaders have performed static stretching with the Kbands Stunt Strap and completed the Kbands Hurdler Stretching Routine they need to perform explosive jump training. The Jump 30 training program is a great next destination for cheerleaders to take their training. This great workout will help cheerleaders of all ages build strength and explosive power in the hip flexor and glute muscles. Cheerleaders who participate in and complete the Jump 30 training will see tremendous gains in their jumping ability and their ability to execute aerial stunts.

After completing the stretching routine and Jump 30 training cheerleaders need to focus on strength in the upper body, particularly the shoulders, back, and arms. Cheerleaders who utilize the KB Powerbands in their training will see increases in upper body strength as well as increased core and rotational strength. Fitness items such as the KB Duo can also be used in cheerleader strength training. The KB Duo differs from the KB Powerbands in the fact that the KB Duo is a static resistance tool using bodyweight whereas the KB Powerbands resistance varies as cheerleaders work through different exercises. Both work in different ways to help cheerleaders strengthen their upper bodies, hip flexor muscles, legs, and core.


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