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The Scorpion is one of the best looking flyer stunts, but it is also one of the most difficult. It requires a cheerleader to have a tremendous amount of body flexibility as well as be able to maintain balance on a base. The scorpion is an advanced level stunt that requires flexibility in order to hold the position. It is important for cheerleaders to have flexibility in their hamstrings, groin, lower back, hip flexors, quads, and throughout their upper body. A Scorpion is the epitome of body range motion. Some cheerleaders will master the Scorpion, but may quickly lose it if they do not continue to work on their flexibility. 



Can't Get Your Scorpion | Stunt Strap Flexibility

The Stunt Strap will help cheerleaders who have lost their scorpion or have never quite mastered it. When preparing to work on high flexibility positions it is important for cheerleaders to warm-up properly in order to work for full range of motion. A light jog for five minutes and static stretching are a good place to start. It is time to work on the cheerleaders flexibility with the Stunt Strap when they are good and loose.  At Kbands Training we take pride in being able to train athletes in the same sport specific fashion their bodies compete in. Working with the Stunt Strap to achieve a Scorpion is no different. First, cheerleaders must learn where to place the Stunt Strap because it has a loop on each end.  One loop is forehand stabilization while the other loop is for the foot. Cheerleaders should place one of the loops around the middle of their shoelaces so that the foot and leg are supported by the Stunt Strap.

Stunt Strap Scorpion Stretching

Once a cheerleader has a good understanding of where to place the Stunt Strap, the next step is learning how to utilize the Stunt Strap to stretch the body. After the cheerleader loops the Stunt Strap around her foot she needs to take all of the slack out of the Stunt Strap. (Refer to the cheer video above) The loop of the Stunt Strap should be laying on the cheerleaders shoelaces. Next, the cheerleader should raise her lift leg up near her backside. This position will look similar to a standing quad stretch. When the cheerleader reaches this position, pull the additional slack out of the Stunt Strap until hands are about six to twelve inches from the foot loop. Now the Cheerleader should move into the Scorpion stretch. The cheerleader should keep her center of balance as she slowly and slightly lowers her chest while lifting her hands behind her head and pulling her leg with the Stunt Strap into the Scorpion stretch position. The cheerleader will once again gather her center of balance. Her hands should be six to twelve inches from her foot.


Improve Scorpion Range of Motion 

When the cheerleader has reached the Scorpion position with the Stunt Strap, it is time to work on range of motion and flexibility. A good way for cheerleaders to maintain their balance is to find something small on the wall to stare at. Often the floor is used, but we want good posture in an upright position when completing the Scorpion. If cheerleaders stare at the floor they will most likely begin leaning forward and lose their balance. 

As the cheerleader is holding the Scorpion balance position and staring at a small place on the wall, it is time to work on increased flexibility. The cheerleader should begin crawling her hands up the Stunt Strap towards her foot. When she reaches the end of her range of motion, hold the stretch for 4-6 seconds. After this static hold, a cheerleader should take a deep breath and exhale as she crawls a little farther up the Stunt Strap for another 4-6 second hold. The entire duration of this Scorpion stretch should be 10-12 seconds. All cheerleaders working on a scorpion should be limited to this 10-12 second time frame for safety.  A Scorpion requires maximal range of motion while balancing on one foot. A slight wobble or loss of balance may cause the body to jolt. Tired muscles and over stretched ligaments are more prone to injury from quick movements such as this. Play it safe and work for flexibility by adding sets after rest. Complete 8-10 sets of the Scorpion stretch every other day until the Stunt Strap is no longer needed. (At least 1-2 minutes of rest in between sets)


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Scorpion Stunt Strap Stretch | Safety

Cheerleaders need to make sure they leave a day between stretch sessions so that their bodies can rest and adjust to the increased range of motion. Always make sure to warm up and lightly stretch before you begin the Scorpion stretch sequence. Cheerleaders must listen to their bodies. If the body says not to go any farther, then stop. If the hip flexor or lower back starts to ache then make sure to take a couple days off to recover. Rest will not set a cheerleader back, injuries will. A pulled muscle will take weeks if not months for full recovery. Cheerleaders must listen to their body and work to improve their flexibility. Cheerleading is a competitive sport. Refer to our training pages if you need help with other stunts. At Kbands Training we are here to help. 


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