Kbands Cheer Stretching Stunt Strap

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Cheerleaders looking to get the edge with their flexibility......Look no further. Our Stunt Strap securely goes around your foot making it easy to gain full range of motion for every stunt you may encounter. Work with our stunt strap and find your kicks reach higher than every before. 

Don't worry we won't leave you with no idea how to use our Stunt Strap. Check out several of our FREE training videos which will help you become a better cheerleader. Use our FREE Stunt Strap Stretch Routine to increase your jump height, and our FREE Lower Back Stretch video to improve your range of motion and decrease lower back pain. We here at Kbands Training will give you everything you need to get to a higher level. Train smart with Kbands Training. 

If you are looking to kick and jump higher upgrade to our Cheer Pack and get your *Stunt Strap for FREE*

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