20 Minute HIIT Workout | Kbands Live 114

20 Minute HIIT Workout | Kbands Live 114

Published by Trevor Theismann on 24th Nov 2021

Why Is HIIT Workout Better Than Old-Style Cardio?

HIIT workout is an intense full-body workout that leads to an increase in the strength and endurance. This HIIT workout is considered to be better than the normal cardio because of its intensity as well as its ability to increase the aerobic as well as anaerobic endurance. At the same time, it increases the fat burning ability of the body due to increased metabolism. HIIT workout is also a favorite among the professional athletes because it increases the strength, stamina and endurance, resulting in an increased athletic output and performance.

HIIT Workout: Ballistic Squats

This HIIT workout consists of squats which are known to strengthen the quad muscles. To begin this workout, pick up a thick Ballistic Band and put it around your shoulder, just a bit down from the top. We are not going to put the band around our neck as it will create a lot of strain. Step on the band and then drop down into a squat. Drop your hips back, knees stay behind the toes and then accelerate up. To build power, we need to get it from the hips. Make sure your upper leg is parallel to the ground, like you are sitting on an invisible chair, and then stand back up. Perform about 15-20 reps of Ballistic Band squats and then take a small break of about 30 seconds, and finally, finish with a total of 6 sets.

HIIT Workout: Ballistic Assisted Pull Ups

This HIIT workout is a strength training drill for biceps, back and forearms. First, you need to find the right level Ballistic Band- blue, green, black or a combination of bands to get the right level of resistance for you. While using the Ballistic Band for assistance, you can experiment with two different positions – balancing your knee on the band, letting your heel touch the butt; or getting more resistance out of the band by putting it under your foot. Find the right level of resistance that is suited to your training needs, so that you can maintain a full range of motion. Before starting out directly, make sure to check if the levers are all in line and while performing the pull ups, remember to keep your shoulder blades rolled back.

Based on the different strength levels, two different versions of workout are available. If you are at an advanced stage, you can start the pull up straightaway, without any assistance from the Ballistic Bands. As we continue with the drill, we are going to take off a little bit of the weight by using the assistance of the Ballistic Band. Find a good wide position, maintain a great range of motion, and try to do the pull ups all the way to failure. Pull the resistance band around your knee and use this resistance to max out as many reps as you can.

If you are still a beginner, you will begin this drill with the help of Ballistic Bands. Loop the Ballistic Band around your knee or your foot and move to a complete failure set. Aim all the way to failure for 6 total sets. With regular practice, you can move to advance level.

HIIT Workout: Ballistic Standing Rotations

This routine strengthens the core, hip flexors, hamstrings and quads, and improves the overall balance in the body. Perform this drill with a medium range resistance band – use 2, 1 or a combination of 3 to find the right level of resistance for you. Tie the band around a post. The band should be at the same height as your elbow. Stand with your left side to the band a couple of feet away. Grasp both handles with straight arms at chest height, and rotate your torso and shoulders toward the anchor. With your upper arm in position, your elbow should be flexed to 90 degrees with your hand reaching across the front of your torso. We are going to rotate quickly, keeping our hips engaged so that we get right level of oblique activation. During rotation, we will work out the oblique by twisting the top half and stabilizing it as we come back to the mount. 30 seconds on each side, continually moving through a total of 4 sets is all we need to wrap up this great rotation drill.

HIIT Workout: Ballistic Row

This workout is great for overloading your back muscles and challenging your strength. You need to begin this exercise by tying a heavy Ballistic Band around a squat rack or a wall mount. Keep shoulders and hips square and shoot for a total of 12-15 failure rep points. Use the right amount of resistance and try to hit the failure rep point. Whether using red, black, purple or any other stronger band, you need to remember to keep your shoulders and hips square. In this position, it is easier to flare the shoulder back and utilize the trunk to pull the arm back. Don’t pull yourself back. We have to keep a great posture; let your bicep and back do all the work. Don’t use that rotation to cheat the rep. When you reach the failure, switch to the other hand, we need to do it back to back, without taking any more rest. Just grab a couple of breaths in between each hand and then keep moving through 4 sets back and forth. You can make this drill easier by standing closer to the band’s anchor point or harder by stepping farther away.

One of the biggest advantages of performing this exercise is that the retraction of the shoulder blades during this exercise helps develop the upper back strength needed for supporting good posture.

Start Your HIIT Workout Today

HIIT workout is fast gaining popularity among the athletes as well as general public. The obvious reason behind its growing popularity is that it is a highly efficient workout that meets everyone’s training needs - whether it is weight loss or increased endurance, conditioning and athletic output. No doubt, the traditional cardio has its own significance and is certainly helpful for beginners who need to get their body used to physical activity before turning up the intensity. But, once you have reached the advanced levels, HIIT is the way to go.

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