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At-Home Back Workout: A Quick Workout for the Arms, Shoulders and Back Muscles

Welcome to the latest in our series of quick at-home workouts! Today we’ll be targeting the arms, shoulders and back with some high-resistance moves, but our primary focus will be on the back muscle groups including the traps and the muscles that control the upper torso.

Some of these back exercise moves will rely heavily on body weight to provide resistance. In other words, your heaviest workout tool will be the weight of your own body operating against gravity. So resistance levels will be different for everyone. To increase the challenge for yourself and place greater strain on your back muscle area, find modifications that work for you. For example, as you lean backwards while holding the KB-Duo, a steeper lean will make the move more difficult, while an upright stance will make it easier. Got it?

Okay! Let’s begin.




Workout Reps Workout Sets

KB-Duo Row



KB-Duo Reverse Fly

8-10 3-4
Wide Pulls
 30 sec



Quick Back Exercise Moves: Strengthening the Back Muscles

Make sure your KB-Duo is fastened securely and grasp a handle in each hand. Supporting yourself with the bands, lean back as far as you like, and when your feet are planted and you’re comfortable with your body angle, bend your arms and pull yourself upright. 

If you’re using the drop-down method (lifting until you reach the failure point), a steeper lean will get you there faster. In any case, each time you pull yourself up, you should feel the burn throughout your back. Make sure you bend your arms fully and pull the KB-Duo grips all the way to your chest.

Repeat this move 10 to 15 times.

Back Exercise Moves: The Reverse Fly

For the next back exercise, make sure your foot position and handle grips are secure. This time, as you pull yourself into the bands, spread your arms out wide. Then bring your arms together and lean back again, letting the bands support your body weight.

To maximize your back workout, make sure you maintain control as you lean; don’t just fall back against the bands. If you feel the resistance in your back muscles, you’re on track. If you only feel the move in your arms, slow your decent.

Repeat this back exercise 8 to 10 times. The harder you make the move, the more likely you’ll be to fail within that number of reps.

Back Exercise Moves: The Resistance Band

Grab the small resistance band and hold it in front of you with a hand at each end. Keeping your arms extended and straight, stretch out the resistance band as far as you can and relax it again. Repeat this at a quick pace for 30 seconds.

Feel the burn in your middle back? If you can’t make it to 30 seconds, stop just long enough to shake out your arms and back muscles and start again.

A single set of this back workout should take only a few minutes from beginning to end. Regular repetitions of three or four sets at a time should start strengthening your back muscles within a few weeks.

As always, feel free to leave your thoughts and questions in the comment section below! We’d love to hear your feedback.


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