Weight Loss Workouts

Full Body Toner

Full Body Toner Kbands Workout

A great cardio workout is one that strengthens the muscles, elevates the heart rate and burns fat all at the same time. This workout accomplishes all three and uses the added resistance of the Kbands fitness bands to generate even greater benefits.

Equipment Used: Kbands
HITT Training

HITT Training: the Best Way to Burn Fat

HITT training provides the best way to burn fat and help the body process fuel efficiently. Resistance workouts like the superset demonstrated in the video below can support muscle strength.

Equipment Used: Kbands
Outdoor FX

Kbands Outdoor FX | Video Trainer

Build strength, body control and lose body fat with Kbands Outdoor FX. This outdoor workout program will allow you to train anywhere maximizing your results. No need for a gym with Kbands Outdoor FX. Take the challenge now.

Equipment Used: Kbands, KB Duo, KB Powerbands
Optimal Fat Loss

A Full Body Workout for Optimal Fat Loss

Exercises like these can help elevate the heart rate into the fat burning zone. For optimal fat loss, this exercise set should be paired with healthy eating habits.

Equipment Used: KB Duo, Kbands
Dynamic strength XP

Dynamic Strength XP Strength Training

Buid explosive power with Dynamic Strength XP. Add a new element to your workouts with suspension training and push every rep to failure with the perfect amount of resistance. Start training now.

Equipment Used: KB Duo
Intense Cardio Workout

Lose Fat with an Intense Cardio Workout

Focus on your overall heart rate. A powerful cardio workout routine like this one can bring your heart rate into the fat-burning zone.

Equipment Used: Kbands
Ab Workout For Weight Loss

A Powerful Abs Workout for Effective Fat Loss

Effective fat loss comes from a combination of a healthy diet and vigorous, sustained exercise. The best exercises are those that elevate the heart rate into the fat-burning zone.

Equipment Used: Kbands
Power Punch For Weight Loss

Lose Weight With The Power Punch

Series of core exercises designed to work the large groups and increase the heart rate. Elevating the heart rate into the fat burning zone and keeping it there as long as possible.

Equipment Used: KB Powerbands


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