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Workouts and Training Tips

Cheerleading and Gymnastics Articles




Toe Touch Training


Toe Touch Training | Improve Jump Height

Cheerleaders compete at a variety of levels.  At the high school and college level the competition is fierce.  Le't build more jump and kick height today with Kbands resistance. Learn how to build strength during your toe touch training. 

Equipment Used: Kbands


Drills For Improving Your Scale


Balance and Strength to Improve a Cheerleader’s Scale

Flexibility is key for cheerleaders.  The ‘scale’ requires a cheerleader to be able to do the splits.   Strap on Kbands to increase balance and become a stronger cheerleader.

Equipment Used: Kbands


Toe Touch Drills For Cheerleading


Step by Step Tutorial for Cheerleading Toe Touch

Cheerleaders, this video and step by step tutorial on how to perform and improve a cheerleading toe touch is for you.  The instructions include leg and arm positions and safety procedures.  

Equipment Used: Kbands


Improve Your Arabesque


Cheerleading Arabesque – Learn and Improve

Learn how to perform and/or improve a cheerleading arabesque.  The correct technique and body position are key for the success of this cheerleading stunt.

Equipment Used: Kbands


Hurdler Training


Build An All-Star Cheerleading Hurdler

Watch and learn as a college level cheerleader shows how to perform and improve your hurdler. She will perform the hurdler with and without Kbands resistance to show the gain in momentum and height to improve hurdler and create consistency.

Equipment Used: Kbands


Stunt Training


Ready, Set, Jump and Flex – Cheerleading Hurdler

The Hurdler is a very common cheerleading stunt and is performed often.  Using Kbands for resistance when practicing cheerleading stunts will improve height and flexibility.

Equipment Used: Kbands


Back Stretches For Cheer


Cheerleading - Lower Back Stretch Routine

A cheerleader’s lower back takes a pounding with all the stunt training and performance they are involved in.  Learn how to work those muscles to alleviate back pain and reduce/prevent injury while performing high impact stunts.

Equipment Used: Stunt Strap


Kick High


Cheerleaders - Kick High, Jump High, and Compete With The Best

Cheerleading is a highly competitive sport.  Get ahead of the competition by training with Kbands to improve your stunts and increase flexibility.

Equipment Used: Kbands


Scorpion Flexibility


Cheerleading Stunt Strap Stunt Training – Become The Best

Flexibility and balance are a must to perform a scorpion.  Kbands Stunt Strap will help cheerleaders work their range of motion to get to the next level and compete against the best.

Equipment Used: Stunt Strap


Cheerleading Liberty Drill


Liberty and Stunt Training For All

Strengthen those legs, hips and core to improve your Liberty stunt.  Cheerleaders perform the Liberty stunt often and maintaining balance and control are vital aspects of this stunt.  Learn more about improving your liberty stunt. 

Equipment Used: Kbands


Learn How To Improve Your Arabesque


Arabesque Cheerleading Training

It takes great balance to perform a great looking Arabesque.  With Kbands cheerleaders are able to work the hips and glutes while doing stunts like the Arabesque.  Perform the stunt with Kbands and then without to see the difference.  Read more… 

Equipment Used: Kbands


Cheer Hurdler Training


Cheer Routines To Increase Jump Height And Flexibility

The Kbands hurdler training routine is an excellent cheer routine to help cheerleaders develop strength in the legs and hips. The added resistance will help cheerleaders maximize their jump height by strengthening the glutes, core, and hip flexors. 

Equipment Used: Kbands


Get A Higher Heel Stretch


Hold a Perfect Heel Stretch – Learn How

To most people the heel stretch looks painful but to a cheerleader it becomes second nature.  It takes excessive hip strength, stability, and balance.   Read on to find out how to improve your heel stretch cheerleading stunt.

Equipment Used: Kbands


Stunt Strap Stretching


Flexibility Matters – Perform Great Cheerleading Stunts

Great cheerleading stunts require great flexibility.   Push your flexibility to the max by using Kbands Stunt Strap to warm up and stretch.  Read more about Kbands Stunt Strap...

Equipment Used: Stunt Strap


Back Handspring


Tumble To The Top – Cheerleading Competitive Stunt Training

Gain momentum and body control to perform a sequence of back handsprings and tumble your way to being a great cheerleader.  Learn more


Train For A Better Back Handspring


Upper Body Strength to Back Handspring – Cheerleading Tumbling

Most cheerleaders enjoy tumbling and are looking for ways to improve their skills.  Build strength and momentum to complete back handsprings correctly and comfortably. 


Resistance Training For Cheerleaders


How Kbands Help Cheerleaders and Gymnasts Perform Better

Cheerleading and gymnastics work hand in hand when it comes to training. To be an elite athlete in this category, an athlete must have a strong core, explosive power in their legs, and hip flexor strength. The great thing about Kbands is that this is their exact purpose



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