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High School Cheerleaders

Cheerleading at the high school level is a very competitive sport. Every athlete needs to take advantage of the opportunities they are presented to get ahead and become a better high school cheerleader. Kbands offers many ways to improve in different areas of high school cheerleading. Kbands can help with leg, hip, and core strength as well as flexibility and cardio performance. Through the use of Kbands and our Stunt Strap during every workout, high school cheerleading can become an advanced level cheerleader. Do not settle for less than the best when it comes to high school cheerleading. You need to improve your game and become the best around and Kbands will make that happen.

How To Make a High School Cheerleader Kick High

High school cheerleaders need to be able to kick high to compete. To do so, an athlete must have flexibility, balance, and strength in the legs, hips and core. Using our training techniques during stretching, workouts, and practice will take every aspect of being able to kick high to a higher level. The increase in leg and hip strength, flexibility, and balance will be apparent right away with the use of Kbands. To get a higher kick, a cheerleader needs to have flexibility in the hamstrings, hips, and lower back. An athlete will also need to have strength in the quads, hamstrings, glutes and hips in the leg that is not being kicked. This strength is used to hold the body in place and stay balanced throughout every body movement. When using the Kbands there will be a large increase in hip flexor strength which are the muscles that help us lift our legs up. The increased strength in these muscles can help to prevent injury, and result in a higher kick for high school cheerleaders.

The stunt strap can also help with developing a high kick for any high school cheerleader. Check out our Cheerleader Stretch Video. This video demonstrates the proper technique for stretching with the Stunt Strap. Performing stretches with the Stunt Strap while lying on the ground or standing up will help to improve flexibility. With better flexibility, a high school cheerleader will be able to improve the height of a high kick with ease. 

Increasing Jump Height to Improve Your Stunts

Jump height is a key component of a cheerleader's repertoire. Improving jump height deals with leg strength and flexibility. There is no way around it, if you want to be a successful high school cheerleader when it comes to jumping, you need to be getting better jump height. To do so, there needs to be an increase in leg and hip strength, and Kbands is the best product out there to improve this. Kbands gives you the ability to train like you compete. It works muscles in the same motions you use to perform. Improving the strength of quads, hamstrings, glutes, and hips is very simple with Kbands. Going through everyday stunt sequences can be enhanced by simply adding Kbands to the mix. For those that desire more work, Kbands also offer complete workouts and stretch routines that can be performed anywhere, anytime with our bands and Stunt Strap. Every high school cheerleader needs to try this product to improve their jump height; the results are out of this world.

How to Improve Flexibility

Flexibility is a very important aspect to being a high school cheerleader. It is easy to notice the importance of flexibility in high school cheerleading when watching a high kick, jump, or even going down into the splits. Flexibility is the ability of a joint to move in a full range of motion as well as the elasticity of muscles and ligaments surrounding the joint. Having high flexibility will improve your performance as a cheerleader. When a joint is flexible, an athlete will be able to move through greater range of motion while using less energy. For a high school cheerleader, competing and staying healthy is a crucial element of a career. High flexibility will help to prevent injuries and soreness associated with cheerleading.

To take your game to the next level you need to be doing a lot of stretching to improve your flexibility. Stretch your legs and hips daily, holding each stretch for 20-30 seconds each hold. Using the Stunt Strap offered by Kbands Training, can take any athlete to a new level by improving the effectiveness of each stretch performed. The Stretch Video we offer gives a great example of how to use the Stunt Strap to your benefit. With the combination of stretching and using our strap, any athlete can improve flexibility and become a better high school cheerleader.


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