Balance Exercises For Competitive Cheerleading

Balance Exercises For Competitive Cheerleading

Published by Trevor Theismann on 20th Dec 2021

Balance Exercises For Competitive Cheerleading | Kbands Explode And Hold Drill

For athletes to be successful at competitive cheerleading they need to be able to maximize their training time. Performing the single leg RDL is a challenging task for cheerleaders as this fitness move challenges both balance and strength. Balance exercises, which also help to develop cheerleaders strength, are a great training tool since it allows two competitive cheerleading skill sets to be incorporated into a single exercise. This allows cheerleaders and coaches to spend more time working on cheerleading moves and stunts and less time training the body to execute these cheerleading moves.

One of the great advantages of utilizing the Kbands Explode And Hold Drill is that it incorporates great strength and balance exercises with an explosive movement which is performed at the beginning of the exercise. Stacking these two exercises in this order allows cheerleaders to simulate performing explosive cheerleading moves before coming to a stop and holding cheerleading moves. Adding resistance to this competitive cheerleading drill is just another way these cheerleading moves will challenge and develop cheerleaders balance, strength, and explosiveness.

Kbands Balance Exercises

The single leg RDL is a cheerleading move which mimics the body positioning and muscle activation of competitive cheerleading stunts such as the scorpion, arabesque, and scales. To perform the single leg RDL cheerleaders will stand on one foot with their plant leg slightly flexed. From a standing position cheerleaders will begin to bring their chest parallel with the ground. As they bring their chest parallel to the ground they will simultaneously begin to raise and extend their non plant leg. Cheerleaders should work to keep a straight line which runs from top of their head all the way through to their extended foot. This can be accomplished by maintaining a tight squeeze in the abs and squeezing the glute of the leg being raised. Cheerleaders should work to get their leg and upper body parallel to the ground with no bending or sagging of the back leg and no rounding off of the low back.

If this cheerleading move is new to any athlete they should attempt to master the form and body positioning before attempting the competitive cheerleading move with the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands.

Use Proper Resistance When Performing Balance Exercises

To complete the Kbands Explode And Hold Drill cheerleaders will need a set of Kbands Leg Resistance Bands with the proper amount of resistance. When athletes are performing the single leg RDL it is important they have the proper amount of resistance to take their legs through the full and proper range of motion. This will ensure the glutes and hip flexors are properly strengthened for optimal explosive power from these muscles. If cheerleaders use to little resistance during balance exercises they will not receive the full muscle activation in the muscles of the legs and hips while improvements in competitive cheerleading skills such as jumping and mobility will not be advanced as quickly as possible.

Cheerleaders can go to the Training Section to view the different levels of resistance which can be used with this competitive cheerleading drill. When cheerleaders begin to use the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands with balance exercises they can begin at a lower level (yellow, red) but should advance in resistance as quickly as possible. Cheerleaders should continue to challenge themselves with the level of resistance used during balance exercises until they are able to complete competitive cheerleading drills with the green intermediate Kbands Leg Resistance Bands.

Cheerleading Moves To Improve Explosive Leg Power

The Kbands Explode And Hold Drill is a great competitive cheerleading drill to be performed in a group or team setting. The competitive cheerleading drill requires very little space since each cheerleader will be operating in a single location and only requires enough space for the length of their body to move freely in a given area.

Cheerleaders will begin by attaching the Kbands just above their knees and begin to perform a tuck jump. A tuck jump involves athletes jumping vertical while driving the knees to the chest while in the air. After jumping athletes should explode the knees to the chest but flex at the ankles, knees, and hips upon landing. This will reduce stress placed on the knees and will allow the proper muscles to be utilized during the competitive cheerleading drill. Athletes will perform this tuck jump for 6-12 seconds before ceasing the jumps and moving into a static single leg RDL. Athletes will hold this single leg RDL for 6-12 seconds before moving back into a 6-12 second set of tuck jumps and finish with another 6-12 second single leg RDL on the opposite leg.

As cheerleaders work through these balance exercises they need to be sure the Kbands are not altering their jumping form by pulling the knees inward. Cheerleaders should work hard to keep their knees straight and not being pulled in toward each other. Athletes will complete 1-3 rounds of the tuck jump single leg RDL combo to complete one set of the exercise. Athletes will take 40-90 seconds of rest between sets of this competitive cheerleading exercise. Cheerleaders will complete 3-5 resisted sets of the balance exercises before removing the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands and performing 1-2 unresisted sets of the Kbands Explode And Hold Drill.

By utilizing dynamic and static stretching along with self myofascial release techniques athletes can properly prepare their bodies when performing balance exercises. Cheerleaders looking to enhance their cheerleading moves need to stay loose and limber. Utilizing the static stretches performed with the Kbands Stunt Strap will help cheerleaders retain strength and mobility in their hips and legs. Cheerleaders can utilize the Kbands Recovery Foam Roller after training or any competitive cheerleading activity. The Kbands Recovery Foam Roller and the Rejuvenating Stretching Sequence will allow cheerleaders to boost their bodies natural abilities to repair and remodel muscles which are taxed during this drill and other competitive cheerleading activities.

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