How Kbands Will Help Cheerleaders and Gymnast Perform Better

How Kbands Help Cheerleaders and Gymnasts Perform Better

Why strengthen your hip flexors you might ask? Hip flexors are in charge of how much control and power an athlete can lift their leg vertically. For cheerleading and gymnastics hip flexor strength is the bread and butter of kick height. Kbands will also make these athletes more explosive and increase jump height. By adding resistance to the legs while completing everyday cheerleading and gymnastics exercises athletes will find themselves jumping and kicking higher. Also look to use our stunt strap to increase flexibility. The stunt strap is designed to fit securely around the foot for support and add the tension need to improve flexibility in cheerleaders hips, glutes, hamstrings, groin, and lower back. Buy our Cheer Pack or Jump30 Training Program today and receive a FREE Stunt Strap with your Kbands. 


At Kbands Training we take pride in what Kbands can do for our athletes. We know that a great performance in competition is the result of months of intense preparation. We know that during this preparatory phase Kbands will strengthen the girls legs leading to higher kicks and jumps, but what most don't know is what they can do on the day of competition.

Just before competition, completing our Kbands Cheer Warm-Up with the bands on will maximize each member of the squads' performance. Kbands will fire more muscle fibers during a warm up which will leave the squads' legs feeling light through full range of motion. Simply performing kicks, leg raises, and everyday cheer moves with Kbands will give cheerleaders full range of motion with power kicks in minutes. The concept is similar to throwing a weighted baseball. Throwing the heavier ball is a struggle, but when it's time for the true weight of a normal baseball, you arm feels light and free.

Don't leave competition day to chance. The squad is prepared for the routine, so use Kbands to ensure full range of motion, power, and perfection. Cheerleaders will notice the difference. Don't wait, get the leg up on your competition. Use the chart below as a free training tool for you. Click around and learn how to get higher kick, build flexibility, and perform at your best. 


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