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Quick Feet Ladder Workout

Dancers perform moves which take their legs in a variety of directions at different speeds. It is important for dance fitness training to incorporate drills which promote quick feet movements in dancers. Drills which incorporate different levels of speed are great for training the muscles to perform at different levels. Quicker movements improve power and allows for quick feet off the ground during a jump or stunt. While slower more controlled movements promote strength and balance which is required when a dancer or cheerleader holds a body position for several seconds.



The combination of these movements not only creates an intense dance fitness training session but also allows athletes to improve on key athletic skills used during competitions or performances. The additional resistance provided by the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands will further help the athletes to increase the strength in their hips and glutes.

Dance Fitness Drills For Increased Performance

To perform the Resisted Quick Feet Double Tap ladder workout athletes will need one Speed and Agility Ladder and one set of Kbands Leg Resistance Bands. Athletes will attach the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands just above their knees and stand directly in front of one of the ends of the Speed and Agility Ladder. Athletes will begin the ladder workout by performing two short, quick, two footed jumps inside of the first square on the Speed and Agility Ladder. Once the two quick feet taps are completed the athlete will move the legs apart and perform a squat with the feet outside of the first box. Athletes will continue this sequence all the way to the end of the Speed and Agility Ladder. Turn around and resume the same sequence of quick feet taps and squatting back to the starting end of the Speed and Agility Ladder for one set. Athletes will perform 3-5 resisted sets of the ladder workout before removing the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands and performing 2-3 unresisted sets of the Resisted Quick Feet Double Tap ladder workout. Allow 40-60 seconds of rest between sets.

Form During The Dance Fitness Ladder Workout

When performing both the squat and quick feet portion of the ladder workout athletes will want to use great form to maximize results and train the correct muscles of the body. When athletes are performing the Quick Feet Double Tap portion of the ladder workout they will want to quickly bounce off the balls of their feet before widening the legs and sinking into the squat portion of the dance fitness drill.

As athletes sink into the squatting portion of the ladder workout they will want to flex not only at the knees, but at the hips and ankles as well. As athletes sink to the bottom they need to focus on keeping a big chest, maintaining their knees behind their toes, and keeping the hips, ankles and knees all in vertical alignment. As athletes sink and rise up from the squat they will want to maintain pressure and push through their heels on the way up. This form, and the depth achieved on the squat, will help athletes strengthen their glute muscles. The glute muscles are important to athletes due to their ability to extend the knees and hips.


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Dance Fitness Circuit

Cheerleaders can use different styles of the Resisted Quick Feet Double Tap Exercise to increase performance in different athletic skill sets. For example, cheerleaders and dancers can use this dance fitness drill on its own when they are young to develop balance and body control. As cheerleaders and dancers progress they can perform the ladder workout at a higher tempo and with greater levels of Resistance Bands. During dance fitness training cheerleaders should constantly be thinking of new ways to challenge their body. A great way to achieve this higher level of training is by performing multiple exercises back to back with very little to no rest between exercises. This type of workout is often referred to as circuit training and can be beneficial to athletes. By performing ladder workouts in a circuit, athletes are able to spike their heart rate when performing the Resisted Quick Feet Double Tap Drill and then immediately move into another exercise like the Kbands Scissor or the Kbands Wood Chop. Athletes would want their dance fitness circuit workout to consist of 3-5 different dance fitness drills which all challenge different parts of the body or are performed at different intensities. Performing dance fitness workouts in a circuit style setting is a great way for dancers and cheerleaders to rotate higher intensity workouts with more sports specific training sessions. Performing 1-3 rotations of the circuit while wearing the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands and 1-2 rounds of the dance fitness circuit without the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands will force large amounts of muscle activation in the targeted areas, also increasing the heart rate and raising the athletes level of cardiovascular fitness.

Cheerleaders and dancers can go to the Training Section to see great dance fitness circuits as well as a variety of other circuit style dance fitness drills like the Elevated Leg Extensions or Cheer Tuck Jumps. Cheerleaders and dancers can also find great sports specific dance fitness drills in the Training Section. Some of these dance fitness drills include the Kbands Resisted Heel Stretch, the Cheerleading Resisted Front Raise, or the Arabesque Cheerleading Training. When performing dance fitness exercises like the Resisted Quick Feet Double Tap dancers and cheerleaders will want to protect their bodies by performing some kind of warm up and stretching routine. A variety of warm ups and stretches can be found in the Recovery Section. These dance fitness stretching drills like the Best Stretching Exercises For Cheerleaders or the Cheerleading Lower Back Stretch Routine incorporate the Kbands Stunt Strap to increase flexibility in important areas. Dance fitness stretches like the Kbands Hurdler Stretching Routine, the Heel Stretch Flexibility Training, and the Ballerina Rear Raises are all dynamic stretches which incorporate the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands to increase muscle activation before dance fitness workouts.


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