Best Cheer Workouts For Improving Maximum Jump Height and Glute Strength

Side Raise For Improving Maximum Jump Height and Glute Strength

Every time a cheerleader performs a stunt, which involves jumping a certain height in the air to successfully complete the jump, they are utilizing their glute muscles. The glute muscles are activated every time a motion is performed where both the knees and hips are being extended. These muscles are the driving force behind increasing and maximizing jump height.

One of the best cheer workouts for increasing the strength of the glutes is the Kbands Cheer Side Raise. Besides activating when the knees and hips are being extended, the glutes also control any motion which takes the leg laterally away from the body. By performing a lateral motion with resistance, the glutes will be isolated and forced to work harder than they normally would. With this increased gluteal strength cheerleaders will see significant gains in the height they can achieve on their jumps to perform hurdler and toe touches. While many cheer workouts work the glutes, this exercise takes all other muscles out of the exercise so maximum strength can be achieved in the glutes and hips, resulting in greater jump height.  



Cheer Workouts Kbands Cheer Side Raise Set Up

Jumping and practicing stunts requiring a greater jumping ability are excellent ways to improve jump height. At some point more isolated exercises must be incorporated into cheer workouts. The Kbands Cheer Side Raise is a great drill to work into any cheer workout.

To begin cheerleaders will need a set of Kbands, a sturdy object (such as a wall or tall box), and enough room to correctly perform the Kbands Cheer Side Raise. Cheerleaders will attach the Kbands securely just above the knee. Standing next to their sturdy object cheerleaders will place one hand on the sturdy object to support balance during the cheer workout. Cheerleaders need to have good starting form and maintain that form throughout the Kbands Cheer Side Raises.

Cheerleaders should keep a big chest standing tall throughout the cheer workout. Be sure cheerleaders are not bending or flexing their body toward the foot performing the Kbands Cheer Side Raise. Any bending toward the leg being raised will result in a shortened range of motion, resulting in less muscle activation. Performing the Kbands Cheer Side Raise with resistance is so effective because more muscle fibers are being recruited and more neurological connections to the muscles are being made. This greater muscle activation is the reason the Kbands Cheer Side Raise is so effective for increased jump height in cheerleaders.

Cheer Workouts Kbands Cheer Side Raise Form and Technique

From a good starting position cheerleaders will begin the cheer workout by laterally raising the outside leg as high as possible. It is important cheerleaders stay tall and keep shoulders and hips square in front of them. By practicing proper body position and raising the leg as high as possible every time, cheerleaders will be able to maximize the amount of stress placed directly on the glutes.

Cheerleaders need to keep proper form with their feet as well as their body While performing the cheer workouts. As the foot and leg extend out from the body be sure the heel is turned with the toe pointed forward. As the cheer workout is executed be sure the toe does not start to roll out and emphasis is placed on driving the heel as high as possible on every repetition. Keeping proper foot and toe alignment will keep the resistance from being transferred into the hip flexors and will maximize the stress placed on the glutes during the Kbands Cheer Side Raise.

For maximum results and muscle activation cheerleaders should perform the Kbands cheer workout for 2 resisted sets of 8 repetitions from each side.

By only performing eight resisted repetitions of the cheer workout cheerleaders will be able to maximize the strength produced by the glute and hip muscles. When only eight repetitions are performed cheerleaders are staying in what is called the hypertrophy zone. This will allow for maximum strength to be achieved by the muscle without fatiguing the cheerleader to much. Remember maximum height is the goal of this cheer workout. If to many repetitions of the Kbands cheer workout are performed maximum height cannot be achieved. As the repetitions get shorter and shorter less muscle activation is achieved. This is why it is important to achieve maximum height on each repetition of the cheer workout.


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How To Maximize Jump Height Using Kbands Cheer Workouts

The Kbands Cheer Side Raise is an isolated exercise putting emphasis on the glutes and hip area to maximize jump height in cheerleaders. Prior to executing the cheer workout cheerleaders need to be sure their bodies are ready to perform the Kbands Cheer Side Raise. Prior to executing the cheer workout cheerleaders need to be sure they have combined static and dynamic stretching to prepare the body for the Kbands Cheer Side Raise.

There are many excellent static stretches which can be performed prior to the Kbands Cheer Side Raise with the Kbands Stunt Strap. Stretching the glutes, hamstrings, hips, and quads will help cheerleaders get more height and more muscle activation while performing the Kbands cheer workouts. Implementing some dynamic stretching such as a light lunge or body squats can help to activate more muscle prior to execution of the Kbands Cheer Side Raise. 

Translating Cheer Workouts Into Stunts

By incorporating the Kbands Cheer Side Raise into a regular workout 2-3 times a week cheerleaders will see excellent gains in their jump height and hang time. Jump height, hang time, and flexibility are the most important factors when it comes to executing stunts such as toe touches, hurdlers, and herky’s. All of these moves require maximum jump height to perform the airborne stunt.

With increased jump height cheerleaders will find themselves not as rushed while airborne to complete the cheerleading stunt. This extra time in the air translates into cleaner aerial stunts, cleaner landings, and ultimately more success in cheerleading.

The Kbands cheer workouts are not just for advanced cheerleaders. Although the cheer workout can help more advanced cheerleaders to refine their stunts it is an effective tool for less advanced cheerleaders as well. By performing the Kbands Cheer Side Raise, less advanced cheerleaders can build up the strength in their glutes and hips to begin to practice and master more advanced cheerleading stunts requiring greater glute strength and maximum jump height.

While practicing the Kbands cheer workout it is important cheerleaders also practice the aerial stunts that need this extra glute strength. To see aerial moves such as the hurdler and toe touch demonstrated and broken down for easier learning, cheerleaders of all skill levels should check out the cheer workouts demonstrated on Mastering the technique of these aerial cheerleading stunts will aid in execution as maximum jump height is achieved by practicing the Kbands Cheer Side Raise. also offers purchasing information on the Kbands resistance bands and the Kbands Stunt Strap. Both of these fitness tools are excellent items to help increase flexibility, leg strength, core strength, and to maximize jumping height.


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