How To Improve Cheer Jumps With Kbands Elite Cheer Knee Tucks

How To Improve Cheer Jumps With Kbands Elite Cheer Knee Tucks

When working to become an elite cheerleader it is essential for cheerleaders to focus on jump height and explosiveness off the ground. To improve cheer jumps, cheerleaders can practice stunts over and over hoping to improve their jump height. Sometimes it can be a great idea to separate stunt training from jump training. By completing the Kbands Elite Cheer Knee Tucks, cheerleaders will be able to focus completely on the movements needed to explosively jump off the ground. Take a look at the video below as the Kbands Elite Cheer Knee Tucks are completed.



Elite Cheer Knee Tucks Setup

To improve your cheer jumps it's important that we have enough space to begin this drill. You will want a softer surface if you have a choice, stay away from concrete or hard surfaces. Next, strap on your leg resistance bands. Kbands are a great training tool to help stimulate the muscles needed to jump at your best. If you are a beginning cheerleader the yellow or red resistance bands. If you're more advanced, you will be using the green or blue resistance bands. Also be sure to cut each leg strap to comfortably fit is fit comfortably around your thighs.

Each resisted jump is going to help stimulate the muscles within your hips. The glutes are very important for power and explosiveness. By utilizing the leg resistance bands throughout each jump you will increase muscle stimulation during each Elite Cheer Knee Tuck. You will also see great gains in your stability and balance by using the leg resistance bands. As each cheer jump is completed, and the cheerleader lands on the ground, her muscles in her hips must stabilize the knees from internally rotating. This is great for helping to improve stability in the hips, as well as the knee during jump training. Now that you have your Kbands on correctly it is time to focus on our form during each Elite Cheer Knee Tuck.

Cheer Jumping Technique and Pointers

Notice that during the Elite Cheer Knee Tucks each cheer jump is completed as quickly as possible. It is important that there is no hesitation between cheer jumps. Each time you land on the ground it is essential that you explode right back up off the ground. This plyometric stretch reflex will help improve your neurological functions and jump height. Hesitations in between jumps will not overload the nervous system or muscles preventing gains in achieving a higher overall jump height. This basic principle is easy to follow and must be done correctly to optimize your results.

Elite Cheer Knee Drive and Foot Positioning

As we discussed before, the Elite Cheer Knee Tucks will be taking the stunt element out of our jumps. As you complete the cheer jumps you will drive your knees outside your hip line toward your armpits. This is a similar hip position as our toe touches and many other stunts, but by keeping our feet in, we will be able to focus completely on our jump height without disrupting our timing from out of place limbs. Take note of the cheerleaders’ arm action as well. As you move through each explosive cheer jump it is important that you utilize your arms to load the muscles on the way down, as well as explosively drive them forward, to initiate momentum up.

How Many Active Sets

When completing the Elite Cheer Knee Tucks it is important that we complete sets in short burst intervals. To keep the intensity high do not complete sets for longer than 15 seconds. For most cheerleaders 10 to 12 seconds will be ideal to maintain intensity during each individual jump. Sets lasting longer than 15 seconds will only limit the cheerleaders from continually exploding off the ground during each cheer jump.

Sets shorter than 10 seconds will not optimize muscle activation. It is essential that during each training session you overload the body to initiate change. If only 3 to 4 jumps are completed you will not be overloading the muscles needed to activate change.


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Rest Periods Are Important

Rest periods are just as important as the active working durations of each set. Cheerleaders should take 30-45 second breaks between each active cheer jump set. Younger youth cheerleaders can extend the rest duration ranging from 90-120 seconds between active sets. As each cheerleader progresses they will want to make their training sessions mimic competition and therefore they should keep rest periods low while maintaining explosiveness during each jump. By training the body as if we are in a competition we will have much more successful training sessions.

How About Stunt Specific Training

As you complete this cheer jump sequence it is now time to focus on stunt specific training. You can complete many Kbands drills such as the Hurdler, Heel Stretch, or the Flexibility Stretching Sequence to help improve your cheerleading skills today. You can also utilize the cheerleading training section for an array of different exercises. Be sure to grab your Cheer Pack today to become an elite cheerleader.


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