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Build Chemistry With Team Builder Cheerleading Games

Team cheerleading is an athletic activity which requires great chemistry and teamwork to reach a desired goal. Cheerleading games such as the Kbands Performance Plank are a great way to introduce drills with team builder properties which also provide a great exercise for stomach muscles and arm strength.



Cheerleading games which can increase team chemistry and timing are great for competitive cheerleading teams who must develop these attributes during training. Implementing secondary exercises into the team builder drills only brings more advantages to the Kbands Performance Plank. Multiple exercises are utilized during this drill as exercise for stomach strength and increased upper body strength.

Best Time To Use Team Builder Activities And Cheerleading Games

Cheerleading games and active team builder drills can be most effective at certain points in a practice or team workout. The Kbands Performance Plank should be utilized toward the end of practice and should be thought of as a burnout exercise for stomach muscles and arms. Extensive conditioning drills can be saved for after the Team Builder Performance Plank, but generally all cheerleading stunt practice and more intricate movements and drills should be performed before executing the Kbands Performance Plank.

Other team builder cheer drills which are shorter in length and use muscles in the legs and hips can be utilized at the beginning of a practice as a warmup, or at the end of cheer training as a burnout. Cheerleading Games and team builder drills, which include exercise for stomach strength, can also be a great way to get cheerleaders bodies ready for training. Since the abs help control the stability of the body cheerleaders who properly warmup, and use their abs during cheerleading games and drills, will see greater increases in body control and athletic output.

Getting Ready For Team Builder Cheerleading Games

Before performing any team builder exercises or Cheerleading Games cheerleaders need to make sure their bodies are warmed up and prepared for the team builder training. To accomplish this athletes will need to perform a good combination of static and active stretching. Active stretching involves the athlete performing movements and motions which greatly reflect and mimic the actions and movements which will be performed during cheerleading games and training. Any drill which performs a cheerleading stunt, such as the Kbands How To Do A Cheerleading Toe Touch, or How To Get A Better Arabesque are great drills which will help cheerleaders prepare their body for training and simultaneously improve their stunting.

Static stretches performed with or without the Stunt Strap are great ways for cheerleaders to increase the range of motion and flexibility in their legs and hips. The Best Stretching Exercises For Cheerleaders is a great way to improve the flexibility cheerleaders will have to perform team builder drills and cheerleading games. Cheerleaders looking to improve on the flexibility involved in individual stunts and moves can utilize the Flexibility For Better Stunts stretching routine, as well as the How To Improve Your Scorpion stretching sequence.

Both static and active warmups need to be performed before each warmup to prepare the body for flexibility routines and intense team builder activities. When cheerleaders have finished all of their cheerleading games and team builder activities it is important they do all they can to help their body in the recovery process. Go to the Recovery Section to see self myofascial stretching techniques used on everything from the IT Band and Quads to the Shoulders and Traps. The Recovery Foam Roller is a great tool for recovery and to keep athletes bodies healthy and training at a high level.


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Cheerleading Games And Exercise For Stomach Strength

Cheerleaders will complete the team builder activity at the end of a training session in a large or small group setting. Cheerleaders will line up in a straight line, side by side, and move into a plank position on the ground. Cheerleaders can come from a true plank position in which their hips are elevated off the ground and are supported by their forearms and elbows. Or, cheerleaders can come from the modified plank position in which their hips are elevated off the ground, but are supported with extended arms. In both plank variations athletes need to focus on keeping a flat back and not letting their hips sag as the team builder activity continues.

Once all cheerleaders have gotten into position for the exercise for stomach strength the athlete at the beginning of the line will perform 3-5 pushups. All other athletes will continue to hold their plank as one athlete finishes their pushups they will go back into their plank hold and the next athlete will complete their 3-5 pushups. Cheerleaders will continue the pushups all the way down the line before stopping to rest. Cheerleaders who need to improve their upper body strength can modify their pushups. Cheerleaders can move into a position in which their knees are touching the ground, feet are crossed and elevated off the ground, and they are taking their chest as low to the ground as possible. All pushups require cheerleaders to place their hands underneath their elbows and keep the hands in line with the chest.

The larger the group participating in the cheerleading games the more difficult the team builder activity becomes. Coaches and parents can add incentives to help cheerleaders complete the Team Builder Performance Planks such as moving the pushups back 1-2 athletes every time someone comes out of their plank position. Smaller groups or 5-8 cheerleaders can perform the drill moving all the way down the line and back to the beginning athlete for one set. Larger cheer groups of 10-20 should only perform one set of pushups down the line of cheerleaders. Cheerleaders can perform 1-3 rounds of the Team Builder Kbands Performance Planks allowing 1-2 minutes of rest between sets.

For more great cheerleading games and drills which can be performed at the end of a training routine cheerleaders and parents should go to the Cheerleading And Gymnastics Section and check out drills like the Kbands Cheer Tuck Jumps and the Cheerleading Conditioning Split Jumps.


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