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How to Complete a Back Handspring

After cheerleaders master the back handspring, it is important for them to learn how to do advanced level stunts. All-Star cheerleaders can perform an array of stunts on the move with multiple back handsprings. Begin running through a build-up process to improve muscle memory, and train your body how to master momentum and body control.

Check out our back handspring technique page on how to master your back handspring. We will teach you the proper form and technique of the back handspring by explainig hand position, chest position, how to begin the stunt, and how to transfer your momentum from your shoulders and hands. Learn how to complete a perfect back handspring without a spotter and then begin our back handspring build-up.

Back Handspring Build-up Sequence

The first step to building momentum to perform all-star stunting is to watch the video above a couple times. The cheerleaders begin with the cartwheel and after 4 to 6 reps of a cartwheel they move into a cartwheel round off. Jump off the mat for maximal height to give yourself momentum for your next stunt. Complete 4 to 6 reps of a cartwheel round off or until you feel comfortable. This should give you a good indication of body control and the ability to move your body as you build momentum.

Back Handspring Build Up to All-Star Stunting

Begin warming up with your back handspring and perform 4 to 6 reps of your back handspring without a spotter. Make sure to get a good arm swing and use your legs to push your body quickly through the back handspring. If you don't attack the stunt, you will never gain the momentum to complete All-Star cheerleading stunts. It is important to work on jumping off the mat at the end of the back handspring in order to get your body ready to move into the next stunt. This will help you when we move through the build-up process.

All-Star Stunting

Now that you've warmed up with your round off and back handspring it's time to put it all together. Begin by gaining momentum through your cartwheel as you move into a round off back handspring. Momentum is key to All-Star stunting. It is important to gain ground through your cartwheel so when you reach your round off you will have built up enough momentum to perform your back handspring. When you complete the backhand spring, jump off the mat so that you are ready for the next stunt. Complete this sequence for many reps until your body feels comfortable moving in this fashion. Stay with this simple sequence for a couple of days if not weeks until you have mastered the skill. When your body has adjusted to the momentum and you have complete body control, add-in another back handspring. Now you will be doing a round off back handspring back handspring. When you have mastered this, continue to add back handsprings until you feel comfortable enough to add in an upper-level stunt.

Build-Up Sequence Wrap-Up

This sequence of tumbling is not out of the ordinary. It is nothing new to cheerleaders, but it is important that you do not get ahead of yourself. You must keep complete body control and understand that this stunt will increase your ability to get to the highest level. Stunting takes time, strength, and power. If you cannot complete the back handspring sequence, then you are not ready for advanced level training. Work hard to master the skills until you can complete the sequence with the cartwheel round off back handspring and then you can begin the sequence of back handsprings.

Not Strong Enough for a Back Handspring

If you are still struggling with your back handspring because of a lack in strength, we can help you. A back handspring requires upper body strength, balance, and power. Try our 60-day weight loss and strength building program Kbands Burn. In 60 days you will find yourself stronger than ever before, and ready to take your stunting to the next level. Sometimes cheerleaders have trouble moving to the next level. This is not always because of their skills but often because of their lack of strength. Training outside of cheerleading is important to build a better cheerleader. Strength and body control are everything when it comes to all-star cheerleading. Work hard and achieve your goals.


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