Kbands Cheer Resistance Bands Pointer Drill

Kbands Cheer Resistance Bands Pointer Drill

Published by Trevor Theismann on 15th Dec 2021

Kbands Cheer Resistance Bands Pointer Drill

In order to continually improve as a competitive cheerleader athletes must develop great strength, flexibility, and mobility in their glutes, low back, and abdominal muscles. Cheerleading stunts such as scales, scorpions, and arabesques all require a certain level of these cheerleading skills and all of these cheerleading moves can be enhanced with improvements in cheerleaders flexibility and strength.

A great way for cheerleaders to simultaneously improve on strength and mobility while improving on cheerleading stunts and moves is by incorporating Kbands Cheer Bands into training sessions. Kbands cheer resistance band are a great and simple way for cheerleaders to enhance a regular training session. As cheerleaders begin to use the Kbands Cheer Resistance Bands in their training sessions they will see great improvements in strength through a long range of motion in their hip flexors, glutes, and legs. As cheerleaders advance in their strength and mobility training with the Cheer Bands they will be able to continually execute and improve on more difficult and challenging stunts. Combining resisted and unresisted sets will help cheerleaders using the Cheer Bands to improve strength while also increasing fast twitch muscle fibers which affect the movement speed of the thighs and hips.

Strengthen And Warmup The Abs And Low Back With Kbands Cheer Resistance Bands

The farther extended an athletes body gets the more pressure or tension is placed on the muscles responsible for moving those appendages. In the Kbands Cheer Resistance Bands Pointer Drill cheerleaders are forcing large amounts of activation in the core and low back as the body works to stabilize itself. Combining Cheer Bands with this fitness move allows athletes to also produce great glute activation as they attempt to perform a short static hold at the top of each Cheer Bands pointer movement.

Whether using weights, Kbands Cheer Resistance Bands, or some other form of resistance when performing strength type exercises it is imperative that proper resistance is being utilized. Too much resistance will result in shortened range of motion and limit muscular development in the desired area. To little resistance means the athlete will not be challenged by the exercise and will be wasting training time as well as developing slower than other athletes who use greater, but manageable amounts of resistance in their Cheer Bands training.

While performing the Kbands Cheer Resistance Bands Pointer Drill cheerleaders and coaches should take time to ensure that all athletes performing the Kbands Cheer Resistance Bands Pointer Drill are using proper resistance with the Cheer Bands exercise. Cheerleaders who are unfamiliar with the Kbands Cheer Resistance Bands should begin by using red or yellow bands until they are used to the effects of the Cheer Bands on their bodies. Depending on the intensity and type of Cheer Bands drill which is being performed cheerleaders should continually work to progress until they are able to use the green resistance bands on all Cheer Bands exercises.

Cheerleaders who are recovering from injuries can greatly benefit from using Cheer Bands with less resistance. Smaller amounts of resistance will ensure no further injuries occur to the damaged areas, but cheerleaders are still able to improve on strength as they take their bodies through a full range of motion. Since many cheerleading injuries occur at the knees, hips, and ankles, after a doctor has cleared the athlete, this type of resistance training is optimal for recovering strength and mobility in cheerleaders.

Cheer Bands For Cheer Strength

The only fitness equipment required for the Cheer Bands exercise is a set of Kbands, and enough space for cheerleaders to fully extend their bodies. Once cheerleaders have acquired the correct resistance for their Cheer Bands they will attach the Kbands Cheer Resistance Bands just above the knees. Cheerleaders will begin the Kbands Cheer Resistance Bands Pointer Drill from their hands and knees with a straight back, and hand positioned directly below the front of the shoulders. To perform the Cheer Bands exercise cheerleaders will work to fully, and simultaneously, extend their right arm and their left leg (opposite arm, opposite leg). Once the arm and leg are completely extended cheerleaders will hold that body positioning for 2-4 seconds. During the static holding portion of the Kbands Cheer Resistance Bands Pointer Drill cheerleaders should have a straight line which runs from their foot all the way to their head and neck area. Cheerleaders need to make sure that as they extend their arm during the Cheer Bands drill that they keep their eyes up and avoid letting their head hang and look at the ground in front of them. Proper head and body positioning will force greater muscle activation in the cheerleaders core. Cheerleaders must also work against the Kbands Cheer Resistance Bands in order to reach full extension of their body. If cheerleaders do not work against the resistance provided by the Cheer Bands they will alter the movements of their legs and hips by allowing the resistance to alter the natural path their body would take.

Cheerleaders will perform 8-12 resisted Cheer Bands pointers on each side of the body, each set extending the opposite arm and opposite leg, for one set of the Kbands Cheer Resistance Bands Pointer Drill. Cheerleaders will perform 4-6 resisted sets of the Cheer Bands pointer drill on each side of the body before removing the Cheer Bands and performing 1-3 unresisted sets of the Cheer Bands exercise.

Kbands Cheer Resistance Bands Pointers

Aside from being a great strength training exercise the Kbands Cheer Resistance Bands Pointer Drill is also a great warmup for the shoulders, abs and low back. Since these two muscle groups help to stabilize the entire body when performing and landing cheerleading stunts and moves it is important these muscles groups are properly warmed up before more advanced Cheer Bands drills are performed.

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