Extreme Cheer Drills For Higher Jumps and Higher Kicks

Extreme Cheer Drills For Higher Jumps and Higher Kicks

Published by Trevor Theismann on 16th Dec 2021

Extreme Cheer Drills For Higher Jumps and Higher Kicks

To perform higher jumps and kicks several muscles and muscle groups must be trained and strengthened. The hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps all contribute to how high a kick will go and how high a cheerleader is able to jump. In order to strengthen these muscles they must be taxed through a long range of motion to help activate more muscles and make more neurological connections.

This extreme cheer drill will focus on the hip flexors and quads. By utilizing resistance with the Kbands during Spirit Kicks cheerleaders will achieve greater muscle activation in the quads and hip flexors.

Extreme Cheer Drills Preparation 

Before the Resisted Spirit Kick can be performed, cheerleaders need to ensure their bodies are ready to perform the extreme cheer drill. A proper mix of dynamic and static stretching should be performed before the Resisted Spirit Kick is executed. Cheerleaders will be able to lengthen the range of motion in the hips flexors and quads through static stretching by utilizing the Kbands Stunt Strap.

It is important for cheerleaders to improve flexibility when performing stunts which go through a long range of motion. This will help make kicks higher and help prevent injuries. Active and dynamic stretches should be performed prior to the extreme cheer drills at less than 100%. These movements should mimic the movements and stunts about to be performed.

These two forms of stretching will ensure flexibility has been prepared and all muscles to be used have been warmed up prior to the execution of the Resisted Spirit Kick.

Executing the Kbands Resisted Spirit Kick

To perform the Kbands Resisted Spirit Kicks cheerleaders will need a set of Kbands. Beginner and younger cheerleaders should use the yellow or red resistance bands, while more advanced and older cheerleaders should use the green or blue resistance bands. The color of resistance band used is determined by how high a cheerleader is able to consistently perform the Resisted Spirit Kick. Remember the goal of the extreme cheer drill is to take the leg high through a long range of motion.

Attach the Kbands securely above the knees and assume a good starting position. With the Kbands attached cheerleaders will execute 4 Resisted Spirit Kicks with both legs. Remember to kick high and work through the resistance. After 4 Resisted Spirit Kicks have been performed on each leg, remove the resistance bands and perform 4 un-resisted repetitions of the Spirit Kick. Cheerleaders need to focus on kick height during the un-resisted sets so full muscle activation can be achieved in the hip flexors and quads.

As cheerleaders are working through the Spirit Kicks it is important for them to get into a rhythm and to always work for height. This will train the body to be more powerful as the leg is extending upward. This higher kick power in the leg will translate into better heel stretches, toe touches, and improving any stunt involving a quick and powerful upward extension of the leg.

Incorporating The Kbands Resisted Spirit Kick

When cheerleaders begin to build strength and master the Kbands Resisted Spirit Kick they will see this translate into greater success at other stunts and extreme cheer drills. A stunt involving the extension of the entire leg will be enhanced and strengthened by strengthening the muscles responsible for extending the leg.

Improvements in kicking stunts such as the heel stretch and Un-Resisted Spirit Kicks will be higher and more controlled with the use of Kbands. Aerial stunts, such as toe touches and herkys, will be higher in the jumping portion due to the strengthening of the hip flexors. Aerial stunts will also be more powerful and the cheerleader will be able to extend the leg farther, as flexibility and strength through a long range of motion have both been enhanced.

Extreme Cheer Drills | Kbands Resisted Spirit Kick

By incorporating proper flexibility stretching cheerleaders will gain the flexibility to perform the Kbands Resisted Spirit Kick. Cheerleaders can learn about how to improve flexibility and range of motion in the hips and legs by viewing the stretching demonstrations on Cheerleaders should focus on the videos that demonstrate how to improve flexibility utilizing the Kbands Stunt Strap.

Flexibility and strength are the key components involved in this extreme cheer drill. Cheerleaders should use the Kbands Resisted Spirit Kick to improve strength in the hip flexors and quadriceps muscles after flexibility and range of motion have been increased. The combination of flexibility and strength are what make the Resisted Spirit Kicks such an effective and challenging extreme cheer drill.

By switching from resisted sets to un-resisted sets cheerleaders can use this extreme cheer drill to gain strength through greater muscle activation in the hip flexors and upper legs. Cheerleaders are forcing their bodies and muscles to work harder than they would on an Un-Resisted Spirit Kick by starting with resisted sets of the Spirit Kick. This resistance forces the body of the cheerleader to recruit more muscle fibers for that particular muscle or group of muscles. Greater muscle recruitment means more muscle fibers are taxed, creating muscle growth and additional strength will be gained through the practice of this extreme cheer drill.

The Resisted Spirit Kicks are an excellent training tool to make advances in other cheerleading stunts. By incorporating the Kbands Resisted Spirit Kick into a regular training routine cheerleaders will see the carryover in strength gains from the Resisted Spirit Kicks into other stunts like the heel stretch, hurdler, and toe touch. Specific athletic attributes such as jump height and kick height will also be improved via the Kbands Resisted Spirit Kicks. 

To see the gains which can be achieved through the Resisted Spirit Kick cheerleaders must perform additional cheer stunts to challenge their bodies and improve their performance and execution of different extreme cheer drills.

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