Beginner Exercises For Cheerleaders | Arabesque Ballet Training

Beginner Exercises For Cheerleaders | Arabesque Ballet Training

17th Jan 2019

Beginner Exercises For Cheerleaders | Arabesque Ballet Training

When cheerleaders begin their athletic training journeys they do not begin with the most advanced stunts and movements. First off, their bodies need to build balance in order to perform the holds and stunts which require not only great balance, but also great flexibility. Beginner exercises should contain a large portion of balance fitness exercises so cheerleaders can teach their bodies to work in unison to complete challenging movements.

Beginner exercises for cheerleaders also need to focus on strength. Although it is important for cheerleaders to first improve their balance fitness before moving on in their training, strength will be key for them to complete highly technical aerial and jumping cheerleading stunts. As cheerleaders begin to master the beginner exercises for balance fitness they should begin to advance into beginner exercises for cheerleaders which focus on strength and power.

Balance Fitness Beginner Exercises At A Young Age

Young cheerleaders who are able to master balance fitness exercises will train, and perform, at a much higher level as they age. Cheerleaders who practice these beginner exercises will undoubtedly become more comfortable and advanced in their balance fitness training. When this happens cheerleaders will have to think less about how to balance their bodies during a movement and can instead focus on the routine or the next stunt they need to perform. This mental focus on outside stimuli, and not on their own body movements, will allow cheerleaders to be more confident in their routines, resulting in fewer mental mistakes throughout training and competitions.

However, just because a cheerleader may begin their training at a slightly older age does not mean they should automatically begin with strength training. Although a slightly older athlete may be more in tune with their body, relative to a younger cheerleader just beginning their balance fitness training, this slightly older athlete must still work through the balance fitness beginner exercises to improve the mobility of the legs and hips, and to allow them to get the most out of their strength training, once they advance to that level.

Some great balance fitness beginner exercises for cheerleaders to practice early in their training is the Kbands Cheer Resistance Bands Pointer Drill, Kbands Hurdler Stretching Routine, or the Ballerina Rear Raises. By beginning with these balance fitness drills cheerleaders will increase their bodies balance and ability to move with good body positioning through a long range of motion. After athletes have mastered these beginner exercises they can move into more strength and power based training. These strength and power cheerleading drills include exercises like the Kbands Resisted Heel Stretch Drill, Cheer Tuck Jumps, or the Kbands Elevated Leg Extensions.

Using Beginner Exercises Like The Arabesque Ballet Training

Cheerleaders will need a set of Kbands Leg Resistance Bands to successfully execute the Arabesque Ballet Training. Cheerleaders will attach the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands on the thighs, just above the knees. Cheerleaders performing the beginner exercises need to be sure they choose the correct amount of resistance to pair with their Kbands Leg Resistance Bands. Younger cheerleaders just beginning their fitness training should use the yellow or red resistance bands; while more advanced cheerleaders can use the green resistance bands during the Arabesque Ballet Training. Cheerleaders who are new to performing balance fitness drills with the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands can go to the Training Section for more information on how to properly attach the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands and how to perform beginner exercises like the Arabesque Ballet Training.

Become An All Star Cheerleader Today

After cheerleaders have securely attached the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands just above their knees they will align themselves next to a sturdy, stationery object such as a wall, box, or chair. Athletes should use this support object as little as possible during the Arabesque Ballet Training. Since the priority of beginner exercises is to improve balance fitness, cheerleaders can use the stationery object to help their bodies go through the proper range of motion, but should challenge their balance fitness throughout the beginner exercises by only using the stationery balance object if necessary. As cheerleaders move farther into their balance fitness training session they should try to use the helping stationery object less and less. When first attempting the Arabesque Ballet Training not all of the balancing muscles in the legs, hips, and core have been activated. As cheerleaders move farther into the beginner exercises they will warm up these muscles and begin utilizing them throughout the balance fitness training. For this reason cheerleaders should not get frustrated at the beginning of the Arabesque Ballet Training but should continue to focus on balance and utilizing the correct body movements to complete the balance fitness training.

To perform the beginner exercises for cheerleaders, athletes will stand next to their stationery object and raise one of their legs behind them. As cheerleaders raise this leg they will keep both legs straight, a flat back, as they extend their arms out to the side. As cheerleaders raise their leg to the rear it is important they work through the resistance and do not let the Kbands alter their movements. This forces athletes to simultaneously utilize great balance and strength during the Arabesque Ballet Training. It is important cheerleaders work to get their legs and hips high to challenge the flexibility, mobility, and strength of the hip and thigh muscles. When cheerleaders reach the top of the Arabesque Ballet Training movement they will continue to challenge their balance fitness by holding the leg at the top for 3-8 seconds. The more advanced the athlete the longer the hold at the top should be. Athletes will perform 2-3 rounds of 8-10 holds on each leg before removing the resistance and performing 1 unresisted set of the Arabesque Ballet Training.

Summary Of Beginner Exercises For Cheerleaders

Use beginner exercise for cheerleaders often in training. Even when cheerleaders have mastered the movement, using Kbands will allow them to continually use resisted and unresisted sets to challenge strength, flexibility, and mobility in cheerleaders legs, core, and hips.

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