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A hurdler requires a tremendous amount of leg power, body control, and leg flexibility. All three of these key elements are needed to complete this jump. The hurdler is similar to the herkie with a turn in direction. Each cheerleader needs to maintain a high chest while their leg reaches maximum height. Cheerleaders interested in understanding and perfecting their technique should visit our hurdler how-to page. We explain the techniques necessary to perform a perfect hurdler. You will also find a free cheer video with an advanced level cheerleader explaining the proper technique. Cheerleaders who understand the proper technique and are looking to perfect their skills for more jump and kick height should read on for free training information.



How to Improve Cheer Hurdler

The best way to improve a cheerleading hurdler is to make sure to have all the necessary tools needed to perform. Cheerleaders are no different than other athletes. They must have strength in their core, legs, upper body, and have high levels of flexibility in their lower back, hamstrings, groin, and glutes. If any of these areas are tight then the cheerleader's ability to kick high or stunt correctly may be hindered. Flexibility is the first area a cheerleader should address. If a cheerleader is tight throughout her hamstrings, groin, or lower back they must stretch. Range of motion is the number one cause of injuries. If the body is bound, pushing through will injure muscles and ligaments. Cheerleaders should refer to our Stunt Strap Stretch Routine and Lower Back Stretch video to increase range of motion throughout their body.

Train Smart with Kbands | Hurdler Training

A cheerleader should begin resistance training to perform a better hurdler once reaching full range of motion throughout cheer stretches. Maximal jump height and high kicks require the body to be strong enough to perform at a high level. Kbands are designed to help cheerleaders train in the exact fashion that their sport requires. There is no reason to do back squats if a cheerleader must be able to explode up on one leg while kicking. To complete a perfect hurdler a cheerleader must have strong hip flexors, explosive jump height, and the flexibility for a high leg kick. Kbands enable cheerleaders to strengthen these muscles while performing their stunt. They give cheerleaders the ability to work on technique while strengthening their bodies. No longer do cheerleaders have to separate technique training and strength training. Putting them all together enables working smarter not harder. Refer to the video above to watch a cheerleader using Kbands to perfect her hurdler.

Hurdler Training Sets & Reps

After a five-minute warm-up and light stretch, strap the leg bands around each leg 1 to 2 inches above the knee with the D-rings on the outside of legs. Next, clip the long resistance band on the front two D-rings and the shorter resistance band on the back two D-rings. Now the cheerleader is ready to begin training. Complete 6 to 8 reps of the hurdler with Kbands while maintaining technique for maximal jump height and kick height. The resistance added by kbands will strengthen the quads, hip flexors, glutes, and core muscles. Kbands will also help with hip strength and hip stability. Each of these elements are a necessity for a cheerleader to balance and perform on one leg as well as help prevent injuries.

When the cheerleader has completed the resistance reps one after another, then she should unclip each of the resistance bands. Once the resistance bands are unclipped, quickly complete 4 to 6 reps without the resistance. The muscle recruitment gained from using Kbands will give cheerleaders a feather-like feeling in their legs. This feeling is from muscle recruitment. To utilize this sensation cheerleaders should complete these 4 to 6 reps without resistance at maximal height. They must work to kick and jump higher than they thought was possible. To increase cheer jumps, cheerleaders must work at 100% intensity. Working at half speed will never improve skills. After the cheerleader completes these unresisted 4 to 6 reps take a two-minute break. Use this time to walk around and prepare the body for 2 more additional sets. To summarize: 1 set of 6 to 8 reps with Kbands and 4 to 6 reps without. Complete the sequence for 3 sets and improve your hurdler quickly. Always give a day of rest in between resistance training days. Cheerleaders may combine this hurdler training with other stunts found below.


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