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Arabesque Training

An arabesque is a great stunt to learn the ins and outs for cheerleading. It is a simple move that is performed at all levels of cheerleading. In the above video you will see a college level cheerleader training with Kbands. When performing an arabesque you must balance on one leg while using your lower back, hip, and glute muscles to hold your rear leg up high. It is essential to have the body strength to hold your leg high while maintaining an upper chest position. If you are not strong enough to hold your chest high then the arabesque will be completed wrong. An arabesque does not require as much flexibility as other stunts. This stunt requires body strength and balance. Use Kbands and our training techniques to train like you compete.



How Can I Improve My Arabesque

The best course of action to improve your arabesque is to begin strengthening your core and glute muscles. As you can see in the video above, a cheerleader must hold her hands out wide keeping her chest high as she lifts her rear leg up. When the cheerleader reaches peak height, this position does not require as much flexibility as it does strength. To maintain a high chest while working for a high hold on the backside, a cheerleader must have a strong lower back, hips, and glute. Stability in a cheerleader's hips will help to maintain balance, while strength in the lower back and glute will raise the leg even higher. Kbands offer just what a cheerleader needs. They give cheerleaders the ability to train their muscles in exactly the same fashion they need them to compete. When wearing Kbands a cheerleader has the ability to work through a sequence of reps at exactly the same angles an arabesque requires.


Need Better Balance

If you are new to training with Kbands begin performing an arabesque with a low leg raise. The resistance added to your body will begin strengthening your hips and legs. When lifting the rear leg maintain a high chest while balancing on one foot. As soon as the rear leg lifts off the ground immediate muscle activation begins. With just a small lift off the ground, you will start feeling your hip muscles begin to fire as you work to maintain your balance. Hip stability is one of the major contributors to balance. Cheerleaders spend most of their time on one leg so it is essential for cheerleaders of all ages to have optimal amounts of hip stability and hip strength. When performing the low leg lift technique maintain a high chest for 15 to 20 seconds. Complete the sequence for 8 to 12 reps. Each cheerleader, when their leg is lifted, should concentrate on lifting their bodies through their shoulders. This is an important part of cheerleading stunts. When using the low leg lift concentrate on holding your balance for the entire 15 to 20 seconds. The muscle activation you feel will begin building your hip muscles along with your glute. If this sequence of exercises seems rather simple, move on to the next group of exercises below.

Advanced Level Arabesque Training

Now that you have developed the balance and hip strength needed to complete a perfect arabesque, it is time to strengthen the muscles needed to reach peak height. First, strap on Kbands and remember the short band always goes on the back. Now that you are ready to go, begin working in the resistance at max height. You should always remember to keep your chest high as the added resistance to your hips and legs will begin strengthening your body's ability to lift your rear leg. Even though your rear leg height will be less than you can do without the resistance, it is important to work for height. The resistance added to your body will strengthen all of the muscles needed to raise your rear leg to maximal height. Complete 6 to 8 reps and hold each 4 to 6 seconds. After completing one set, rest for 1 to 2 minutes and then repeat for 3 sets. After you have completed these 3 sets, remove Kbands and perform 2 additional sets without resistance. Your focus during these sets should be for maximal height while maintaining an upright chest. It is very easy to lift your rear leg high into the air if you lower your chest, but to complete a perfect arabesque you must keep your chest high. So take your leg to maximal height while keeping an erect chest. Still Not Strong Enough For a Perfect Arabesque

These exercises listed above are a great way to improve your cheerleading arabesque. If you are not benefiting from these exercise routines then your body has a long way to go. Do not be discouraged; there is a simple solution. Our weight loss and functional strength building DVD collection, Kbands Burn, will give you the results you're looking for. Advanced level cheerleading requires an abundance of strength, balance, and flexibility. During Kbands Burn you will develop the leg strength, hip stability, and body control needed to be a great cheerleader. Use Kbands and follow along on your television with your 10 DVD's and get the body you need to compete at the highest level.


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