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Static holds are a great way to activate a large portion of a targeted muscle while performing functional, balance training. Utilizing these strength training exercises, which double as balance training, will help athletes quickly excel in their overall athleticism and cheerleading abilities.

Additional resistance provided by the Cheer Bands will allow for a more challenging and muscle activating workout. Additional resistance added to the Cheer Bands balance training forces greater activation and training of the muscles in the glutes, hips, quads, calves, and hamstrings.



Get Ready To Perform The Strength Training Exercises

Before performing the Cheer Bands Balance Training cheerleaders need to ensure they have attached the proper amount of resistance to use during the strength training exercises and that they have properly prepared their bodies for the cheerleading drill.

Cheerleading drills require athletes to not only build power through strength training exercises but to also work these muscles through a long range of motion to help improve mobility. By performing the Kbands Elevated Leg Extensions cheerleaders will be able to improve the mobility in their hips and legs. The functionality of this balance training depends on choosing the correct amount of resistance for the cheerleading drill. Resistance should not be so much that athletes cannot maintain the correct body positioning and properly perform the movements. Resistance must also be great enough to challenge athletes through the strength training exercises. Athletes actively challenging themselves with the amount of resistance used during the balance training is key in developing cheerleading athleticism. This means cheerleaders need to continually increase the amount of resistance used for the balance training. This will produce greater results and continue to strengthen the cheerleaders. Different levels of Cheer Bands can be found in the Shop Section.

Cheerleaders performing strength training exercises can prepare their body for the cheerleading drill by performing static and active forms of stretching. The Kbands Elevated Leg Extensions themselves can be used early in a cheerleading workout as a warmup or stretching routine. The Cheer Bands Balance Training will not only work to strengthen the muscles of the hips and legs but will also help prepare them for a cheerleading workout by taking them through all of their ranges of motion. More great cheerleading stretching routines with the Kbands Stunt Strap and Recovery Foam Roller can be found in the Recovery Section.


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Executing The Cheerleading Balance Training

To perform the cheerleading balance training cheerleaders will need a set of Kbands attached just above their knees. Cheerleaders will begin the balance training by raising one knee into the air and maintaining the knee at a 90 degree angle. While maintaining this static hold cheerleaders will continue the balance training by continuously extending and flexing the raise leg for 6-8 seconds. By flexing and extending the leg while maintaing the thigh parallel to the ground will force the quads to work through a difficult plane of motion where the angle of the leg creates great muscle activation in the glutes and quads as a result of the leg movement. The leg which is planted during the cheerleading balance training receives substantial activation in the glutes and hip flexors as they work to stabilize the body during the cheerleading balance training.

Cheerleaders will perform 5-6 alternating sets of the Kbands Elevated Leg Extensions on each leg for 6-8 seconds. Recovery time can be kept to a minimum as alternating legs, while performing the balance training, will allow the proper muscles to recover as the Cheer Bands Balance Training works antagonist muscles on each leg position. After all resisted sets of the cheerleading strength training exercises have been completed cheerleaders will remove the Cheer Bands and perform 1-2 unresisted sets of the balance training on each side.

When performing unresisted sets of the Cheer Bands Balance Training cheerleaders need to practice proper form and work to keep their thigh parallel to the ground during the cheerleading exercise. When the Cheer Bands are unhooked cheerleaders need to perform the strength training exercises with excellent form as the balance training will at first seem easier as the leg will feel lighter due to the increased muscle activation in the hip flexors. However, as athletes work through the cheerleading exercise they must use great concentration to keep their leg in the proper position as the quads, glutes, and calves begin to fatigue.

Advanced Strength Training Exercises To Continually Improve Cheerleading Skills

Before performing any type of cheerleading workout routine cheerleaders should utilize the Best Stretching Exercises For Cheerleaders Routine to properly prepare and increase flexibility in the hips and legs. The Rejuvenating Stretching Sequence can also be utilized post workout for a great recovery stretch to keep cheerleading flexibility and to avoid injuries.

Once in the Cheerleading Training Section cheerleaders can perform specific cheerleading stunt training, such as the Toe Touch Training, or the Spirit Kicks Cheerleading Drill to help improve on individual cheerleading stunts and moves. Cheerleaders can also use other Cheer Bands Strength Training Exercises like the Cheerleading Resisted Front Raise, to help strengthen the quad muscles, or the Cheerleading Strength Side Raise which doubles as both strength and balance training. Cheerleaders can also find more advanced cheerleading training like the Tumble To The Top Cheerleading Competitive Stunt Training, or the Cheerleading Tumbling Drill The Cheer Bands Upper Body Strength To Back Handspring.

Moving from less advanced to more advanced forms of cheerleading training and stretching will help cheerleaders of all ages and skill levels to continually advance in their training. The added strength training exercises, paired with advanced cheerleading training and stretching techniques, will help those participating in cheerleading see great improvements in every aspect of their cheerleading abilities. Whether it's finally being able to do the splits, or getting the timing and body positioning down to complete an advanced cheerleading stunt, the training demonstrations and cheerleading drills found in the Cheerleading And Gymnastics section will help cheerleaders achieve those goals they and their coaches have set.


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