Warmup And Speed Workout Preparation | Side Suicide Shuffles

Warmup And Speed Workout Preparation | Side Suicide Shuffles

In order for athletes to fully appreciate the importance of warmup and stretching exercises they must be aware of how the muscles and joints in the body work. There are three main types of stretching: dynamic or active warmup, static stretching exercises, and self myofascial release. Self myofascial release is a stretching exercise which places pressure on certain muscles or groups of muscles to increase blood flow, resulting in reduced inflammation and increases the bodies ability to repair those muscles. Although self myofascial release can be utilized as a pre workout warmup it is most effective as a recovery stretching exercise. Athletes can learn more about self myofascial release by exploring the Recovery Foam Roller and the Rejuvenating Stretching Sequence found in the Training Section.



Static stretching is a form of stretching which works to lengthen the muscle fibers. This warmup will help athletes to achieve a longer range of motion in the desired body part. This form of warmup is great for loosening up the hips and legs. Athletes can view great static stretching exercises by going to the training section and exploring the warmup stretching performed with the Kbands Stunt Strap.

The type of stretching exercise or warmup which will be used in the Victory Rope Side Suicide Shuffles is known as a dynamic or active stretch. Dynamic stretching exercises help to prepare the athletes body for physical activity by mimicking athletic movements. By mimicking movements which will be used in training or competition athletes can properly warmup the muscles which will be used during physical exertion. These types of stretching exercises not only increase the amount of muscle fiber used during athletic competition but will also alert the body to prepare the joints for physical activity. This type of warmup is great for preparing the body and will greatly reduce the number or joint related injuries suffered by athletes while competing or training.

Prepare Your Body And Victory Ropes For The Dynamic Warmup

Athletes will need two Victory Ropes which are connected to each other to complete this Dynamic Warmup. Athletes will connect the Victory Ropes by locating the anchor straps, located at the end of each Victory Ropes, and feeding one Victory Rope through the opposite Victory Ropes anchor strap. Athletes will feed the same Victory Rope through one of its own anchor straps, and then create a loop which can be placed around the athletes waist. Athletes will create this loop by grasping the middle of one of the Victory Ropes and feeding the middle portion of the Victory Rope through its own anchor strap. This will create a loop which will be placed around the athletes waist as they perform the Warmup and Speed Workout Preparation.

Athletes should perform some sort of static stretching before performing the Victory Ropes dynamic warmup. Athletes can go to the Sports Training Section to see great demonstrations of how to properly stretch the glutes, hamstrings, hips, and low back prior to intense physical activity.

Use Victory Ropes During Warmup To Generate Greater Muscle Activation Prior To Activity

Athletes can use the Victory Ropes to enhance their warmup and prepare their bodies to operate at the highest level possible. Adding Victory Ropes to this warmup allows athletes to recruit and utilize a larger amount of muscle fibers than they would by just using bodyweight during stretching exercises. This increased muscle recruitment translates into greater force production throughout the contest, as well as a large increase in force production at the onset of intense physical activity. Increased muscle fiber means athletes will be able to compete and train harder for a longer period of time. This in turn translates into greater success during competition and greater athletic gains when performing athletic training.

To perform the Victory Ropes dynamic warmup athletes will need 2 Speed and Agility Cones, 2 Victory Ropes (connected together as described in the previous section), and an anchoring partner. Athletes will begin by placing the Speed and Agility Cones 35-36 feet apart and setting the connected Victory Ropes off to the side for the beginning portion of the warmup. Athletes need to be sure they perform some sort of static stretching before performing the Victory Ropes dynamic warmup. Athletes should take their time when performing stretching exercises as they need to allow their body the proper amount of time to warmup and to prepare for physical activity.


Strength And Conditioning With The Victory Ropes


Athletes will begin the warmup by standing at one Speed and Agility Cone with their body positioned so both Speed and Agility Cones are to their side. Athletes will then perform 2-4 unresisted lateral shuffles, shuffling all the way to the far Speed and Agility Cone and back to the original Speed and Agility Cone. Athletes should start off with a slower tempo and gradually increase the speed of the warmup. Athletes should rotate which foot they lead with as they move from the starting Speed and Agility Cone to the far cone. This rotation will allow athletes to evenly warmup both sides of their bodies.

After unresisted sets athletes will perform 4-6 resisted sets of the warmup, rotating which foot the athlete leads with as they work through the Victory Ropes Side Suicide Shuffles. During resisted sets of the warmup partners will need to control the intensity of the drill and ensure adequate tension is being kept on the Victory Ropes throughout the warmup. Coaches and athletes should be sure to take between 40-90 seconds of rest between sets. Athletes should increase the tempo on the resisted sets as they get farther into the dynamic warmup.

Using The Victory Ropes For Athletic Training

After athletes use the Victory Ropes for their warmup exercise they should go to the Sports Training Section and check out other great Victory Rope drills to increase athletic skills such as speed, agility, balance, and strength. Utilizing other athletic products such as the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands or the KB Duo are great tools to use when working to improve overall athleticism.


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