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Get Killer Abs with This Short Amazing Workout

Welcome to the latest addition to the Flex2Fit Workout video series! I’m Trevor Theismann from Kbands Training, and in the Flex-to-Fit video blog, my associates and I lead viewers through short workout supersets targeted toward specific athletic goals and specific areas of the body. While some of these workouts focus on balance, agility, running speed, or throwing strength, others are designed to stretch the hamstrings, build the biceps, create a flat stomach, or increase stability in the lower core.

As we demonstrate these shoulder, leg, back, and ab exercises, we also provide viewers with information about suspension and resistance training using the Kbands, the KB Powerbands, and the KB Duo. While our primary mission is focused on supporting your fitness and athletic goals, we also provide tips that can help you get the most out of your Kbands training equipment. At any point, if you have questions about either equipment or technique, feel free to explore the Kbands Training website or reach out to us directly.




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Flex-to-Fit: Ab Exercises

In today’s workout, we’ll be walking you through a quick but powerful set of ab exercises using the KB Duo. These ab exercises can help you work toward a tight flat stomach and strong core stability.

First, position the suspension training system by anchoring the KB Duo straps to a high point, like a squat rack or the top of a door frame. To stay safe during these ab exercises, make sure your anchor point is stable and make sure the foot straps of the bands hang just a few inches above the floor.

Place your feet in the straps with your stomach toward the floor and your back toward the ceiling. Then place your weight on your elbows and walk yourself forward across the floor until the suspended straps and your body form an angle slightly wider than 90 degrees. To get the most out of these ab exercises and to get a flat stomach fast without straining your back, keep your body line straight. Don’t arch your back too much and don’t let it sag either.

Once you’re in position, bend at the shoulders to slide your suspended body forward and back. As you glide forward, keep your back and knees straight, but bend at the hips and move your rear toward the ceiling until you’re in a pike position. Then straighten out from the pike position, bend at the shoulder and glide backwards. As you slide your body forward and back, the pike position will occur at the forward-most point of your slide. If you’d like to increase the difficultly of this ab exercise, try adopting the pike position at the back end of the slide. This will elevate the already-strong pressure in your flat stomach.

Complete eight to ten reps of these ab exercises and repeat the move for three or four sets. Don’t tackle ab exercises like these too quickly—there’s no need for speed in this move. Focus instead on maintaining your balance, keeping your back from sagging, and keeping the pressure concentrated in the muscles of your flat stomach.

Watch the video carefully during these ab exercises to make sure your body position matches the demonstration. If you have any questions about ab exercises, getting a flat stomach, the KB Duo, or anything else, feel free to reach out to our experts. In the meantime, subscribe using the link above or leave your thoughts in the comments section below. We’d love to hear about your Progress!


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