Triceps Are the Key To Getting Bigger Arms – Tricep Workout


Triceps Are the Key to Getting Bigger Arms – Tricep Workout

Well-developed triceps will make your arms look bigger because they will be bigger. The triceps are the largest muscle on the back of your upper arm. You see people working their biceps all the time but it is the triceps that must be developed if you are working to get a big set of “guns”, not just your biceps. Well-developed triceps will provide girth to the upper arm. The triceps comprise about 2/3 of the muscle in your arm. So why would you not want to focus your attention on them? If you don’t include tricep exercises in your at home workouts then you are only working 1/3 of your arm muscle. Which means you will NEVER have a properly developed physique and you will NEVER fill out your shirts. It doesn’t make sense to not work the triceps.

The video shows 4 different tricep supersets that are performed using resistance bands, bodyweight exercises, dumbbells and the Speed Rope. This workout is designed to target and burn the triceps but it also includes some cardio to help spike your heart rate. An elevated heart rate will increase your calorie burn during the workout and even hours later during your post workout recovery period.




What Are the Best Tricep Exercises to Make My Arms Bigger?

There are an unlimited number of exercises to work your triceps directly. There are also many weight lifting routines and resistance band workouts that work the triceps indirectly. You should be performing both direct and indirect tricep workouts to ensure you are stimulating and maximizing their development. Continually hitting them from multiple angles. There is no “best” tricep exercise. The best tricep exercise is the one you will do consistently with perfect form and contraction that will isolate the muscle during the movement. You must also perform the exercise through the full range of motion to help ensure maximum stimulus to the muscle.

In the video we started with a Ballistic Band Overhead Tricep Extension. We started with a light resistance band to warm up the muscle but also to ensure we could practice the movement of the exercise. This helps to know how the muscle and joints should move and feel during the exercise. Then as you add resistance in later sets you have the muscle memory of how the heavier resistance should feel and how the muscle should perform. If you are not getting the same muscle activation as in the first set then you have adjusted your form to compensate for the heavier resistance or weight. The resistance could be too heavy because your form is not perfect. If you are not properly isolating the muscle or your levers have changed to compensate for the heavier resistance then you are not properly working the tricep. This means you are minimizing the muscle stimulation and the benefit of doing the tricep workout.

There are some tricep exercises that are better than others and will give you greater results. These exercises will work the muscle through a greater range of motion. For instance, the diamond push-up has a very limited range of motion and it doesn’t effectively work the triceps because of the shortened range of motion. The Decline Push-Ups performed in the video provide a much better tricep burn. This multi-muscle movement provides a great tricep pump as well as working your chest. Everyone has different biomechanics and levers so you should experiment and perform the exercises that provide you the best burn to your triceps. The bottom line is the best tricep exercises to build bigger arms are the ones that will provide variety, muscle activation, and burn that you will do so you continue to workout and maintain your fitness routine.


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What Does Full Range of Motion Mean?

When weight training or performing any resistance band training you should always train the full range of motion. There are lots of workout routines that will have you specifically perform less than full range of motion. For instance you can perform 21’s, pulse sets, or static holds at full contraction to stimulate muscle growth. Full range of motion means you are working the muscle through 98% of the range of motion. This ensures you are working the entire length of the muscle for maximum pump and gains. Tricep exercises should be performed using full range of motion. Don’t lock your triceps at the top of the exercise contraction or you take the weight out of the tricep and risk an injury to the elbow.

In addition to pressing exercises you should also perform stretching exercises when working the tricep. A stretching exercise is similar to the Tricep Kickbacks performed in the video or the Fusion Cables Overhead Tricep Extensions. Form and contraction are still very important when performing stretching exercises. Make sure you keep the upper arm stable and completely flex and extend the forearm during the movement. This should create a great burn deep in the muscle. This is your body telling you it doesn’t like what you are making it do. It will eventually adjust and adapt to the stress so you can use heavier weight or increase your rep range. This burn lets you know you are building your triceps and will make them grow.

Shouldn’t I Work My Biceps In An Arm Workout?

Of course you should work your biceps. They are still a part of the remaining 1/3 of the muscles in your arm. These are the “show” muscles that everyone will see. You want full balance and symmetry in your arms so don’t neglect them. The point here is the triceps are your focal point and really provide the girth and size in your upper arm. When the triceps are well developed the biceps will look even better. There are many bicep workout routines in the Kbands Live Fitness Workouts Section. Watch the Top 4 Arm Workouts or the Full Body Workout At Home to see great examples and demonstrations of bicep and other tricep exercises you can perform in your at home workout routine. Lets get ready for the GUN Show!

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