What Is a Leg and Ab Workout I Can Do At Home


What Is a Leg and Ab Workout I Can Do At Home

Working your legs and abs in a superset at home workout routine is a great way to target these large muscles for maximum muscle gain and calorie burn. The leg and abdominal muscles are some of the largest in the body. Therefore working them together in the same workout routine is a great idea because of the benefits from stressing the muscles during the workout and the post-workout recovery the muscles will go through. The video shows 4 bodyweight supersets that are performed using resistance bands and suspension straps. These pieces of equipment are great additions to any at home fitness routine that will improve your strength and conditioning. They can also be used to make your workouts more challenging.




Why Work My Legs and Abs in the Same Workout?

You can work any muscle or muscle group individually or together. Conventional wisdom suggests you work large muscles early in your workout. The legs and abs are some of the largest muscles in the body. Combining a leg and ab workout into one superset is good because you work the muscle directly and indirectly in each set. You also minimize your workout time while maximizing your results. For example, when performing the Kbands Modified Scissor with the Prone Marching Quad you are working the leg muscles and the abs in the same superset. Combining these exercises increases the time under tension for the muscles. You have to work harder to stabilize and complete each exercise causing the muscles to activate longer. The farther you get into this leg and ab at home exercise set the greater the muscle burn and activation.

As you get farther into the exercise set remember to always focus and flex the muscle we are targeting in the workout. For example, when performing the Stability Ball Hamstring Curls try to relax your other muscles and keep the exercise in your hamstrings. Of course you should feel an indirect burn in your abs as you work to keep your butt elevated and off the ground. As you get tired it is natural to compromise your form. As you get stronger this will happen less in your later sets allowing you to work each set to failure without impacting your form. This is when you are getting the most muscle activation and development.


Kbands Ballistic Bands


What Exercises Can I Do for My Abs Other Than Sit-Ups

The days of doing endless sit-ups or crunches are long past. Actually research is suggesting that sit-ups don’t really develop your abs at all. So stop doing them! There are lots of variations to develop your abs using the KB Duo Suspension Straps, the Fusion Cables Home Training System or simple bodyweight exercises. The video shows ab rolls using the KB Duo Suspension Straps. Or using a low mount Fusion Cable to perform resisted crunches. You could do weighted sit-ups on a Stability Ball. A Pike Roll-Out on a Stability Ball. There is no limit to ab exercises. The Kbands Live Fitness section includes many ab exercise suggestions that will help develop your washboard abs and keep your workouts challenging.

There are several mistakes you could be making that are limiting the development of your midsection. Of course the first is diet. You have to lower your body fat to see your abs. No amount of ab exercises will make them visible. Don’t forget about compound movements. The guys in the video consistently perform bodyweight compound movements that simultaneously work multiple muscle groups, not just the abs. This way you work them directly and indirectly with each superset. Abs are like every other exercise, form is important. Make sure you are engaging your abs with every rep. Also remember there are many muscles that comprise the core. Make sure you are also working your obliques, transversus and rectus abdominis, and the erector spinea. You must train all of the core: front, back and sides, to get your 6-pack not just the front abdominals.

My Legs Are Fine, Why Do I Need to Work Them

You see the guys in the gym all the time. They have a huge upper body but skinny legs. You should be completing total body workouts on a consistent basis so you will remain proportionate. You want symmetry in your body development.

• Studies show that working your large leg muscles releases growth hormones and testosterone. These are natural muscle building hormones.

• When we performed the KB Duo Hamstring Curls we targeted the legs but also worked our upper body. There are few leg exercises that just isolate and benefit the legs. When performing leg exercises you are indirectly working many other muscles.

• Stronger legs will make deadlifts, squats, or other leg drive exercises (bench press) easier.

• Finally, if you hate leg day, work your legs anyway to develop your mental strength. Deep down you know you should work your legs to complete your total body workout. Completing a leg workout shows you are dedicated and committed to your fitness journey. Remember you also work more muscles indirectly when working legs so they are a great total body workout.

Final Thoughts

Completing a leg and ab workout at home can be challenging but also very beneficial and rewarding. In 30 minutes you could complete this at home bodyweight workout and know you are continuing to build your fitness lifestyle. You could be proud that you have completed another workout. Working out doesn’t have to be repetitive or boring. Kbands Live Fitness has many videos and articles to make sure you have the information you need to keep challenging your mental and physical toughness. Completing this leg and ab home workout routine, either alone or with a workout partner, shows you committed to this change and want to improve the quality of your life.

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