Exercises At Home for Beginners

Exercises At Home for Beginners

Published by Trevor Theismann on 22nd Nov 2021

Exercises At Home for Beginners

This Exercises At Home for Beginners is a great way to ease back into your home workout routine if you have taken some time off. It is also a great full body at home for beginners workout for anyone who is getting ready to start a new at home workout program. The Fusion Cables Home Training System is simple and easy to use. It allows the user to quickly convert between exercises during the rest period using the versatile and innovative cross cable system. 

The Fusion Cables System is adaptive to any fitness level and will grow with your workout allowing you to increase the resistance as your strength improves. This exercise program begins working the chest and moves into fast paced legs and back. Then you hit the back one more time while finishing with working your triceps. This at home for beginners exercise routine is a total body workout that begins with the Fusion Cables Center Press for the chest. Next, you complete the Fusion Cables Rows and Squats for the back and legs. Move into Fusion Cables Reverse Flies for middle back muscle development. Finally, this at home exercise routine is completed by performing the Fusion Cables Overhead Tricep Extension. This Fusion Cables at home for beginners workout routine is easy and will provide you with a great base to start a life long fitness program. You can easily adjust the resistance to make this at home workout effective for your fitness level.

Fusion Cables Center Press

Start by grabbing a heavier Fusion Cable and place it on the center mount with a fusion handle on each end. Walk out from the wall and place your hands together. Intertwine your fingers or just do fist to fist with your hands. You'll be pressing your hands together in a central location in your chest. Always think about squeezing your chest and keeping your shoulders down and back. Concentrate on pushing your hands together or even sliding your elbows together as you complete the movement and you will maximize the burn in your chest. Remember how the chest works. A slight internal rotation in the elbows and you will get a lot better flex in your chest. Increasing the muscle burn and the results. 

As you extend your hands away from your chest remember to squeeze your elbows together throughout the entire set. Every set should leave you with a burn in your chest, getting you ready for the next set. You should still be burning from the last set when starting the next set. Squeeze through and flex during the full range of motion for great muscle activation. This activation will then in turn into great muscle development. Complete 5 sets of 12 reps with a 30 second rest between sets. After the last set use the rest period to easily get set up for the Fusion Cables Rows and Squats. 

Fusion Cables Rows and Squats

The Fusion Cables Rows and Squats is a great combo move that will elevate your heart rate. It will also challenge your legs and your endurance. Elevating your heart rate is important because this causes you to consume more calories during and post workout. 

Use all 6 fusion mounts and attach one cable to each mount. Thread the Fusion Strap through the end of the Fusion Cables. Thread the large loop of the Fusion Strap through the small loop and pull it tight. Attach two Fusion Handles to the large loop and step off and face the wall. Sink into your hips and get into a great squat position. Drop your hips back, maintain the 90° in your knee, getting a full extension in the glutes, quads, and hamstrings. This at home for beginners exercise will work all of the larger muscles in the body. 

Next, explode up into the air, jumping as high as you can. The higher you jump the more you will elevate your heart rate. A higher heart rate means you will burn more calories and in turn reduce your body fat with every workout. Complete five squat jumps followed immediately by five rows for a total of 40 reps. This will be one set. When completing the rows make sure you keep your shoulders back. Perform each set quickly with a high pace. Complete 4 sets with a 60 second rest between sets. This will be a hard exercise at home for beginners but you will see a lot of benefits. Your endurance will quickly improve and you will have more stamina. Work at your own pace and try to keep the tempo high.

Ensure you are under constant resistance during this at home exercise. During the last break quickly and easily convert the Fusion Cables Home Training System for the configuration needed for the Fusion Cables Reverse Flies Exercises At Home for Beginners.

Fusion Cables Reverse Flies

The Fusion Cables Reverse Flies will work your back in the exercises at home for beginners full body home workout. A strong and developed back will help you have broad shoulders and a narrow waist giving you a nice “V” shape in your torso. Attach 2 Fusion Cables on the bottom mounts and attach handles at the end of each cable pair. Cross the cables and walk away from and face the wall. Bend at the waist, working the arms back so we are targeting the muscles in the middle back region. With the hands still crossed, extend the arms back and squeeze the shoulder blades together at the top of the movement. Slowly control the descent back to the starting position during the eccentric movement. The key here is to maintain proper form in our bent over angle. You don't want to lose the resistance when your hands get to the low position so make sure you have resistance throughout this entire exercises at home for beginners. You're trying to maintain resistance throughout the entire movement. 

The Fusion Cables Home Training System is a great training tool that can be adjusted to any level user and resistance. The key is to get into the resistance before we start the movement. Time under tension is key for growth throughout the entire range of motion. You want to feel the resistance throughout the entire range of movement. Keep your arms straight, don't bend your back and chicken wing your arms. This will ensure you are working the middle back muscles and help prevent strain on the low back. Squeeze your shoulder blades together at the top of the movement and maintain a slight bend in the elbows. Perform 4 sets of 10-12 reps with a 60 second break between sets. This exercise in the at home workout for beginners is great to start developing and sculpting your back muscles.

Fusion Cables Overhead Tricep Extension 

Next we will move into The Fusion Cables Overhead Tricep Extension, the final exercise in this at home for beginners exercise sequence. At the completion of this exercise you will have worked most of the major large muscle groups in the body. A great start for anyone new or returning to an at home for beginners fitness program. To set up this great overhead tricep exercise place the small loop end of the Fusion Strap through the fusion mount. Thread the large loop through the small loop and pull this tight. Then thread through the large loop the Fusion Cables you will need to fail at 15 reps. Place two Fusion Handles on the end and get ready to burn your triceps. The pace is high and should be quick. Place your elbows high as if on a shelf and at eye level. Drive your hands out while only bending your elbows. Keep the top of your arms stationary. 

The movement should occur only in the elbows. Squeeze your triceps at the top of the extension and slowly return your hands back to your forehead, keeping constant tension on your triceps throughout the complete movement. You will increase the muscle activation when you control the movement back to the starting location. This will increase the muscle activation during the at home exercise. Foot position can vary with this exercises at home for beginners. If you keep your feet side-by-side be careful not to rock the hips back and drive your chest forward so you put your spine in an awkward position. The best way to perform this at home exercise is to maintain split feet and tuck your butt throughout the exercise. Stay in a vertical plane as you extend the hands in front of you and return them to your forehead.

Exercises At Home for Beginners Benefits

The Fusion Cables Home Training System is ideal for exercise at home for beginning fitness program. It replaces many of the machines you would use at the gym and requires little space. The exercises at home for beginners is a great set of exercises which give you a fantastic total body workout. This exercise routine works many of the large muscles in the body. This is a fast tempo exercise routine that will raise and lower your heart rate and keep your muscles under continual tension. A higher heart rate increases your calorie burn during and after the workout. 

This at home for beginners workout is easy to perform because the Fusion Cross Cables System is simple to use. The Fusion Cables can provide the appropriate resistance for any at home exercise program. As you get stronger and need additional resistance then just use a higher resistance cable or use 2 cables to ensure you have the resistance you need to keep your muscles under tension during each rep and set.

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