Linear Hesitation RSC Speed Cord Sprints

Linear Hesitation RSC Speed Cord Sprints

Published by Trevor Theismann on 31st Jan 2020

Linear hesitation RSC speed cord sprints are the solution! Are you looking to build your speed and explosiveness? Do you need that extra edge over your competitors? Or perhaps, you are just after surpassing your own personal best. There is a new and better way to improve your game.

You can use linear hesitation RSC Speed Cord sprints to your advantage today. This one tool has proven to be effective for multi-directional movements, linear sprint outs, and all kinds of footwork. Here is why.

Principle of action

Through assisted overspeed training, an athlete can find more acceleration. The 20 feet length of the reactive stretch cord ensures that you can increase the resistance to any degree that you want to. This makes it easy for you to be able to perform several workouts. The result is that the athlete overcomes the linear hesitation generated from the resistance.

Additionally, the distance between the cones helps to enhance your ability to switch from a sprint to more complex movements. This has proven very useful for athletes who have trained with them.

How linear hesitation RSC speed cord sprints work?

Set three cones in a straight line about 10 to 15 feet apart. Accelerate towards the first cone. At the point where you reach the cone, the anchors should dampen the resistance that you encounter, while you go round the cone in a clockwise direction. Then, sprint off to the next cone.

Repeat the same movements for the remaining two cones and finish the drill with a sprint. The puller should give a massive pull while displacing the cord to the side to prevent you from tripping over.

You could decide to add a few more cones to make it more challenging for you as you progress in training. The idea is for you to use the linear hesitation RSC speed cord sprints to become as quick as possible while maintaining relatively flexible body movements.

Give yourself a good workout!

You can’t start to imagine the number of muscle groups that these linear hesitation RSC speed cord sprints engage. From your calf muscles, quads, glutes, lower back muscles, shoulders, adductors, etc. It is a comprehensive workout, which improves your overall performance and physique excitingly.

The beauty of linear hesitation RSC speed cord sprints is that they leave you feeling like you need more. You can already start to imagine how running without the reactive stretch cord would feel like. Do not be afraid of adding 2 or 3 cones around each station for a broader and more lateral movement. However, your puller would need more efforts to maintain the straight line.

Let’s get going

You no longer have to engage yourself in intense and complex movements that could lead to injury. This one simple drill called linear hesitation RSC speed cord sprint is enough to mastermind an overall improvement in your game. Get down to business now!

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