Side To Side Jumps | Lateral Plyometric Jumps

Side To Side Jumps | Lateral Plyometric Jumps

24th May 2019

Side To Side Jumps | Lateral Plyometric Jumps

Lateral plyometric drills should be an essential part of your weekly training. You must develop lateral stability throughout your lower half. When using the Infinity Loop Bands you will create resistance in your hips. This extra resistance will help build strength and challenge your ability to stabilize as you land.

Form And Focus

As you can see, the video begins by choosing the proper Infinity Loop Hip Bands. There are four levels of resistance that come in your kit. Be sure that you choose a resistance level where you can maintain great form while jumping. If you are using a lighter Infinity Band, be sure that you create separation between your knees and maintain width when you land. If when you jump to your other leg, you allow your knees to come together you will turn off the activation. If you keep your knees separated, almost as if you are doing the Heisman, then you will create muscle tension even while landing.

What Are Some Different Setups For The Drill

During this exercise you can complete a couple different variations. The first, is to utilize a light Infinity Loop Band and complete active jumps for 20 seconds. The second, is to create a ladder version. You will utilize the lightest Infinity Band first. During the second set, grab a heavier loop band. This concept will be much like training with weights. You will add resistance during every set increasing the load your muscles must fire against.

For a complete workout series with the Infinity Loop Bands check out the First Step Quickness Digital Trainer. This workout program will take you through a variety of exercises that will help increase your first step quickness.

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