Train To increase Running Speed | Running Faster | Kbands Alley Sprint

Train To increase Running Speed | Running Faster | Kbands Alley Sprint

Resistance is a great tool for athletes and coaches to utilize to help increase running speed. Running faster is not simply a matter of moving the legs quicker, running speed is instead determined by the combination of stride length and stride turnover. Stride length determines running speed not by the length of the stride but instead how far each stride is able to move the body. Stride turnover helps athletes increase their running speed by capitalizing on the athletes stride length, and maximizing the time between strides.



The human body uses many different muscles and limbs to help create powerful and quick strides. Placing Kbands Leg Resistance Bands just above the knees athletes will feel the power and strength developing in their hip flexors and thighs. These muscles help to maximize and increase running speed by driving the knees up during maximum effort sprints, this upward drive helps athletes running speed by creating more downward force as the athlete drives their foot into the ground. Resistance from running speed equipment like the Victory Ropes, KB Duo, or Reactive Stretch Cord forces athletes to improve their combination on stride length and stride turnover. These two running speed attributes are enhanced due to the need for constant powerful strides so the athlete is always progressing forward in their sprint.

Increase Running Speed With Kbands Alley Sprints

Athletes who perform resisted sprints will see an increase in their running speed. Working through resisted and unresisted sets of the Kbands Alley Sprints allows athletes to challenge their running speed and strength while working to maximize their game time running speed.

When athletes and coaches are setting up for the Kbands Alley Sprints they will need to set up the parameters of the running speed drill with 8 Speed and Agility Cones. Athletes will place 3 sets of Speed and Agility Cones (6 cones all together) in rows of 5 yard increments. Athletes will then finish the Speed and Agility Cone set up for the Kbands Alley Sprint by placing an additional row of two cones 15 yards past the final row of Speed and Agility Cones which have already been placed.

After the Speed and Agility Cones are properly placed athletes will attach their Kbands Leg Resistance Bands securely above the knees and move to the first row of Speed and Agility Cones, with 1-2 Victory Ropes.

More advanced athletes looking to increase running speed should use two Victory Ropes, whereas less advanced and younger athletes should begin using one Victory Rope and advance into using multiple Victory Ropes during drills to increase running speed. The best way to determine if two Victory Ropes is to much resistance for the athlete is by the pace of the Kbands Alley Sprints, and the level of exertion felt b the athlete at the end of the running speed drill. Athletes should be able to keep a challenging, but achievable pace throughout the Kbands Alley Sprints, being able to maintain top speed throughout the final unresisted sprint.

To utilize the Victory Ropes during the Kbands Alley Sprints athletes will line up at the first set of the three rows of Speed and Agility Cones. Athletes will place the Victory Ropes around their waist as a partner or coach grasps both ends of the Victory Ropes by securing both hands inside of the anchor straps. It is up to the assisting partner to control the amount of resistance during the running speed drill. Partners or coaches need to watch and communicate with their athletes to ensure proper resistance is being applied throughout the Kbands Alley Sprints.


Increase Speed With Kbands


Running Faster With Resistance

After an appropriate amount of resistance has been determined, all Speed and Agility Cones are in their proper positions, and all resistance has been attached athletes will begin the Kbands Alley Sprints.

On a verbal cue, given by the assisting coach or partner, athletes will take of on a maximum effort sprint. As athletes sprint out of the starting gate they need to maximize their running speed by keeping a low chest, working off the balls of the feet, generating strong powerful arms swings, and actively driving their knees up.

Athletes will continue to sprint and increase running speed until they reach the third row of Speed and Agility Cones. At this point athletes will backpedal to the second row of Speed and Agility Cones. Once this backpedal begins it is up to the assisting partner to release one hand from the Victory Ropes, use momentum to allow the Victory Ropes to swing free and around the athlete. The partner or coach may have to quickly pull the Victory Ropes out of the running path of the athlete performing the Kbands Alley Sprints.

Once the second row of Speed and Agility Cones has been reached and the Victory Ropes are removed from the running speed drill athletes will continue the drill by transitioning straight into an unresisted sprint all the way through the final set of Speed and Agility Cones. During their final unresisted sprint athletes need to focus on the same good running speed mechanics they focused on during the resisted portion of the Kbands Alley Sprint.

Athletes will perform 6-8 resisted sets of the Kbands Alley Shuffle before removing the Victory Ropes and Kbands Leg Resistance Bands from the running speed drill and performing 4-5 unresisted sets of the Kbands Alley Shuffles.

Elite Running Speed

To develop elite running speed athletes need to train their body to gain the proper strength and speed to support this increase in top end sprinting. Athletes can go to the Training Section and explore different sections such as the Recovery Section, Speed and Vertical, or Strength and Conditioning. Drills in the Recovery Section will teach athletes how to keep their bodies healthy while the Speed and Vertical or Strength and Conditioning Sections will teach athletes additional drills and exercises to help increase running speed. The Elite Speed Kit can also be found in the Shop Section and contains all the equipment an athlete will need to enhance and develop elite running speed.