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The Top End Speed Running Parachute is an effective training tool designed to build stride length. With consistent resistance from each of the dual 54 Inch Wind Expansion Parachutes you will build your top end speed quickly. Follow our four-week Progressive Sprinting Program and know exactly what to do each day. The Running Parachute's Adjustable Belt will fit any size athlete. Also we have designed the Top End Speed Running Parachute with detachable Parachutes to allow for all levels of athletes to enhance their top end speed. Begin with one Running Parachute or challenge each sprint with max resistance from the Dual 54 Inch Wind Expansion Parachutes.



  • Dual 54 Inch Wind Expansion Parachutes
  • Adjustable Belt For All Athletes
  • Train With Single Or Dual Parachutes
  • Travel Bag


  • Progressive 4 Week Sprint Program
  • Digital Video For Mobile Devices
  • Mobile Breakdown Sheets


Running Parachute Progressive Sprinting Program Included

Included: Parachute Progressive Sprint Program

Included with each Top End Speed Running Parachute is a Progressive Sprint Training Program. With completion of this 4 week training sequence you will find your top end speed improve in your mid to long range sprinting distances. Utilize our quick-step training video and mobile breakdown sheet to train anywhere.

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