Build Speed with This Explosive Workout


Build Speed with This Explosive Workout

There’s no secret to the development of speed. But speed training does seem to involve several myths which need to be pushed aside in order to approach the muscle groups and biological principles that separate speed from other training goals like strength and endurance. For example, despite what intuition might suggest, agility training and speed development don’t happen in the legs alone. While the muscles of the legs are certainly crucial to a fast running time, most of the muscle groups that bring about dramatic increases in speed are located in the hips and core.





So an explosive workout designed to target fast action in these muscle groups will center around high knee lifts and tension placed on the hamstrings, hip flexors and lower torso. The best way to attack these muscles is by using the targeted resistance of the Kbands, followed by a suspension training session with the KB Duo. The right training equipment can generate an explosive workout and strong speed-building benefits in any gym or living room.

In the video below, Kbands trainers Trevor and Justin demonstrate a simple but explosive workout designed to help athletes run faster. The benefits of this superset can improve performance in almost any sport and can be gained using the Kbands training equipment in less than ten minutes per day.

Explosive Workout for Speed: High Knees

Athletes should begin this superset by attaching the Kbands in place securely around the upper legs. The fabric strap should be wrapped around the right and left legs with the label in front and the metal rings on the outside. Then the resistance bands should be clipped to the rings with the longer band attached in front and the shorter band in the back. Once the bands are in place, users should a find some open floor space and begin running in place at top speed with high knees and fully engaged arms. The elbows should be bent at 90 degrees and the palms should be open. The arms should rise and fall in a complete range of motion as the knees are lifted. In this explosive workout, speed and technique should hold the greatest priority.

Users should run as fast as possible with the knees lifted as high as possible for 10 to 12 seconds before taking a rest. Breaks should last for about 30 seconds. After the break ends, users should immediately jump back in and complete the next set for a total of about three sets altogether.

As each set takes place, athletes may experience a tendency to let the bands control the movement rather than the other way around. If the tension of the bands causes the high knees to drop a bit lower, the range of motion won’t be completed and the explosive workout won’t be as effective. In fact, letting the knees fall too low or letting the arms become loose can actually diminish rather than support proper running form, so it’s better not to let this happen. Keep the elbows tight and the knees high to build speed and increase power in the hips and core.

Explosive Workout for Speed: Core Strength

For the next move in this explosive workout, the Kbands won’t play a strong role, but they should be kept in place all the same, since users may want to alternate back and forth between these two sets. This move will require the use of the KB Duo. Before the beginning of the workout, the KB Duo straps should be securely attached to an overhead anchor point and adjusted so they fall just a few inches above the floor. Then the right foot should be raised and hooked into the loop of the right strap, with the toe pointing downward. All the weight of the body should be placed on the left foot, and the move should begin in a standing position.

When ready, the user should drop to the floor into pushup position and complete a push up at high speed. While the back stays flat and the arms lower the body toward the floor, the left leg should be raised so the legs are parallel and the left and right foot are side by side. Very quickly, but without losing control or compromising technique, the user should place the left foot back on the floor and stand back up. This move should be repeated eight times for each leg.

After each speed building set in this explosive workout, the user should take a long rest break of about one minute and a half. This can help regenerate and recover muscle strength so the next round of the superset can completed with proper form and a full range of motion. Each of these sets will demand explosive energy in order to generate maximum results.

Explosive Workout for Speed: Final Notes

Rapid and sustainable increases in speed come from placing strategic tension on the muscles of the hips and core. But as effective as these moves may be, they won’t generate maximum results or help athletes reach their full speed potential without full commitment and the support of healthy lifestyle. In addition to the targeted benefits of suspension and resistance training, athletes should make sure they’re getting plenty of sleep-- at least six to eight hours every night. Speed and agility development also require appropriate nutrition, which means at least five servings of green leafy vegetables and colorful fruits each day, minimal fatty red meat and processed carbohydrates, and plenty of lean protein.

For more information on the supportive lifestyle changes that can help individual athletes build speed and increase their core strength, visit Kbands In addition to articles on health, nutrition and stress management for athletes, the site provides many more videos--like this one—that can help users get the most out of the Kbands, KB Duo, and KB Powerbands. Targeted suspension and resistance training can help athletes and coaches take ordinary workouts to the next level. Explore the site and find out how.


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