The Pros and Cons of Fast Rep Training | Will It Help You Build Muscle - Kbands Live 152

The Pros and Cons of Fast Rep Training | Will It Help You Build Muscle - Kbands Live 152

Published by Trevor Theismann on 23rd Nov 2021

The Pros and Cons of Fast Rep Training | Will It Help You Build Muscle - Kbands Live 152

Talk to anyone at the gym and you will get lots of advice on the best method to build muscle. The topic today is focused on using fast rep weight training to build muscle. Does it work? Yes, it does!!

To build muscle you must mix up your weight training routine. You must always keep your muscles guessing and always working them to failure in every rep and set. Fast rep resistance training is a great stimulus for muscle activation and growth because of the increased load placed on the muscle. If you haven’t added this to your weight training routine you are missing on a unique way to work the targeted muscles. There are pros and cons to this muscle building approach. Watch the video to get more of the pros and cons to fast rep training and to learn modifications so an injury doesn’t slow your gains and have you sidelined from your strength goals. Complete the Kbands Live Fitness 152 to help build your muscles.

Pros of Fast Rep Weight Training

Fast rep resistance weight training is a great addition to your muscle building routine. One, it adds a different muscle stimulation to your workouts. If you are performing the usual 3 sets of 12 weight routine you will like the variety this will bring to your workouts. You will also be amazed at the increased difficulty factor that will be added to your weight training to build muscle as your complete every set to failure. Second, fast rep weight training is a great way to immediately increase the blood flow to the muscle. As the body works to respond to the increase load on the muscle it sends more blood to the area to help support the muscle. The increased blood flow helps to support the muscle during the rapid movements as well as makes the muscle grow.

Third, you will build muscle while completing fast rep weight training because the muscle is under an increased load during the eccentric movement. Fast reps increase the pull and load on the muscle. It also changes the way the muscle must respond to the resistance. During slow and steady weight training, what the muscle is used to, the muscle will slowly contract during the movement. Fast paced muscle activation places the muscle under a greater load during the eccentric movement of the exercise. The muscle must quickly respond to the rapid stimulation. These rapid movements will cause tiny tears in the muscle which means you will build muscle. This style of workout will elevate your heart rate, rip your muscles for greater gains, and let you know you have just completed a great resistance workout to maximize your muscle gains.

Cons of Fast Rep Training

There can be negatives to this style of workout, but with modifications you can still get the benefits and build muscle. If you currently have aches and pains or any tenderness in your joints or tendons then you will need to address those items first before completing this workout style. You need to make sure there are no major underlying issues that would be complicated by completing a fast rep workout. If there are no major issues then make these modifications. First, make sure the targeted muscles are warm and ready for the fast pace. As we said above in the Pro Section, this workout will increase the pull and strain on your muscles. Make sure they are warm and ready for the challenge. Second, you can change your workout routine sequence. If you work out 5 days a week then add the fast pace training to the beginning of the week before muscles are tired from being worked all week. Completing the workout early in the week will allow you to rip the muscles and get maximum gains early in the week while the muscles are still fresh from a weekend rest.

A third modification you can make also relates to when this workout is completed. Perform your usual strength training routine each day but leave time at the end for the fast-paced movements. Completing the movements at the end will ensure the muscles are warm and ready for the extra load. Your muscles will already be fatigued so the quick pace will tear them faster and help make you stronger and your muscles larger. Remember this workout method is harder for the muscles and puts them under an increase load. Completing even partial sets at the end will have you exhausted from the workout and help you rip the muscles for greater gains.

Will Fast Reps Help Me Build Muscle?

These quick movements will tear the muscles and add to the burn experienced from your normal workout. Fast reps will make you build muscle. Make sure when doing the fast movements that every set is to failure. There are no sets of 10 or 12 or 15. You do them until you can do no more. At failure is when you will begin to achieve the gains you have been working to attain. Fast reps are not easy. They will elevate your heart rate and help to increase your calorie burn from each workout. While completing this style it can be very easy to lose good form and not really work the targeted muscle or muscles. Always work to ensure your form is perfect and your continually focus on and contract the muscle that is being worked in the exercise. Try not to recruit surrounding muscles to complete the exercise. This will diminish the benefits of the workout and minimize the muscle activation you are trying to achieve. Add fast rep weight training to your workout routine, feel the burn and watch your body change.

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