Secret Fat Loss Tip That Works Every Time–Kbands Live 150


Secret Fat Loss Tip That Works Every Time - Kbands Live 150

You have heard it before, but don’t believe it. The secret to fat loss is pretty simple but very hard to implement and follow. If it were easy everyone would do it. You could pay a lot of money to join a corporate weight loss program. And most of them have clients that have lost lots of weight. But you haven’t really learned how to eat once you leave that program. Is there a secret to fat loss that works every time? We believe there is a secret. Once you master this approach to eating you will achieve the fat loss you have been working toward. Is it really that simple that I don’t need to get a membership? I don’t have to go to meetings. I don’t have to pay to have my pre-made special meals delivered each week. It is simple and you can do it. You must MASTER EATING ALONE! We will talk more about what that means. But yes, control your portions. Plan quality protein and vegetables with every meal or snack. Do this and you will achieve your goals.

Watch the video to get more eating tips. Complete the Kbands Live Fitness 150 resistance band workout at home to help build and tone your muscles. We will provide more information on what “master eating alone” really means. We will also give you more eating tips to help you on changing your lifestyle to achieve the results you are working hard to achieve.




What Does “Master Eating Alone” Mean?

This may be a new concept for you. It is pretty simple but can be definitely hard to implement. Think of all the meals that you plan and prepare. When making your breakfast or if you are making breakfast for your family. You control what food AND in what amount you will consume. When making your lunch for work, even if you eat with friends, you control the kind of food and the amount you will eat. If you like snacks, this is the same thing. You are in control! Compare the choices you can make for these meals to the choices you have when going to a friends’ house for dinner. At the friend’s you have no choice. You are at their mercy and can only choose what has been placed in front of you. If you had done a good job planning your other meals and snacks throughout the day then you have a cushion for this evening meal. This is what “master eating alone” means. Consciously, think about the quality and quantity of food you need and what you plan to consume. Make sure each meal includes a protein and a fruit or vegetable. Nothing else! When you can master the meals that you are preparing then you are better able to achieve your fat loss goals when you have meals out of your control.

Eating out with friends or going to a party will have lots of bad choices that can be made, and probably will be made. When planning the meals you will eat by yourself make sure you:

• Include a protein
• Include a fruit or vegetable
• Limit your portion size (too much of a good thing is still bad)
• Stop eating when you are done and don’t go back for more

If you can “Master Eating Alone” then the meals with friends won’t be so bad. You would have eaten smaller amounts leaving extra calories for eating out. You still have to make good choices when eating out but you have positioned yourself for success. Rather than stringing three bad meals together, you have two good meals and one not so good.

What Other Fat Loss Tips Are There?

There are lots of tips and tricks to consider when trying to lose weight and fat. Some of these suggestions include:

• Keep a food diary. This helps you to know what you are eating and in what amount. This can be helpful so you can analyze your food choices. There are many fitness apps that can be used to help track your food. These apps will only be as good as the information you enter. If you consistently under estimate the quality of food you eat then the results will be wrong. If you don’t enter everything, again bad information. Food diaries are only as good as the information you enter.
• Limit the number of carbs you have each day. Only consume carbs in the afternoon that come from fruits and vegetables. Stop eating bread, pasta, potatoes or rice with dinner. Eat these items earlier in the day to allow your body to process and use them. Eating these at night means they will become fat because you are not expending energy to consume them.
• Write down how you feel when you eat. Are you an emotional eater? Were you angry, bored, or frustrated? Do you eat because it is a way to comfort yourself after a bad day? Do you do mindless eating while watching television? Try to determine what is a food trigger for yourself and then work to change that behavior.
• Experiment with consuming smaller meals. Some people have success eating 5 small meals each day rather than 3 large meals. For this approach to be effective you MUST make your smaller meals truly smaller. Otherwise, you will be overeating and will sabotage your fat loss goals.
• Space your meals out so there is more time between when you eat. Some call this intermittent fasting. You only eat in an 8-hour window. Essentially, you are eliminating one meal a day. Skip breakfast and only eat lunch and dinner. If you need breakfast then you would omit dinner when planning your meals.
• Share your diet and fitness goals with a friend or family member. Studies have shown that sharing your goals with someone or writing them down helps with accountability. Also consider setting smaller more achievable goals. I will lose 4 pounds the first month, rather than I will lose 75 pounds. The larger number doesn’t feel attainable. Smaller milestones seem more achievable and you can celebrate your successes.
• BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. When you lie about what you eat or exaggerate about the amount of exercise you have performed, the only person you are hurting is yourself. Achieving long term fat loss is a process and you are never complete. Make this a lifestyle and never have to diet again because you regained the weight. Learn to “Master Eating Alone” and keep your eyes focused on the goal.


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