Will Weight Training On My Legs Help Me Gain Size | Kbands Live 145

Will Weight Training On My Legs Help Me Gain Size | Kbands Live 145

Published by Trevor Theismann on 24th Nov 2021

Will Weight Training On My Legs Help Me Gain Size | Kbands Live 145

The question is will weight training on my legs help me to gain size? I assume you mean size in your upper body or chest. It would be nice if it worked that way. Work one muscle for gains in another. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Weight training your legs, like performing the Manual Resisted Hamstring Curls in the video, your partner is also indirectly working his upper body. This is an indirect or side benefit.

The video talks about leg training. How often it should be done. Why do leg training. Training with weights or using only body weight exercises to increase the size and strength of your legs. Watch the video, complete the workout and continue to learn how to make fitness a daily habit to improve the quality of your life.

No, Weight Training Legs Will Not Make Your Arms Larger

Weight training your legs will NOT make your arms larger or any other muscle. You cannot work one muscle and have another muscle benefit from the workout. Weight training your legs can help with your mobility or getting out of a chair. Stronger and larger legs increase how many calories your body consumes while resting. The legs are a large muscle that takes a lot of energy to be maintained. When you work your leg muscles it takes more calories for them to repair and recover from an intense workout like the one on the video. It’s because of the size of the muscle and how many calories it takes for the body to maintain this muscle, during workouts and recovery, that you should work these muscles even if you don’t want your legs to be larger.

Why Work My Legs I Am Happy With Their Size

You may be happy with the size and definition of your legs. Or maybe you would rather put your energy into developing your upper body. Your legs are covered most of the time and rarely visible. So, I don’t want to weight train on my legs and make them larger. Is there problem with this I haven’t thought about? The main reason to work your leg muscles is to ensure your body is proportionate. You have seen that guy at the gym who has a great upper body. Broad chest and huge arms and a very narrow waist. He looks good from the waist up. When you get a glimpse of his legs they are underdeveloped. They’re toothpicks. He looks like the bottom doesn’t match the top. He is disproportionate. This is the reason to weight train on your legs. So, you don’t become that guy.

I Can’t Work My Legs Because I Have Knee Pain

You should never workout if you have a pre-existing injury or are experiencing pain without first checking with a doctor. The doctor can confirm if you should be performing this style or kind of workout. Once you are cleared by the doctor then start slowly if you have knee pain. You may need to modify the workouts: use lighter weight, fewer reps, shorter range of motion, or even perform the exercise at a slightly different angle. If an exercise really hurts then don’t do that one. There are many others on Kbands Live Fitness that you can perform and still get the same benefit. Finally, maybe you need to change out your shoes because the current pair is worn out. Continue to experiment with these modification(s). If the pain persists then stop. If you can manage to work through the pain and the pain becomes muscle soreness (you will know the difference) then you have successfully developed the muscle and the tendons surrounding the joint. A stronger muscle means greater stability for the joint and this will help improve your mobility. And don’t forget you have corrected your knee pain. Exercise, though sometimes painful, is really critical to longevity and quality of life.

Body Weight or Weight Training for Best Results

There are a lot of reasons to perform body weight strength training. First, you don’t need any special equipment. You always have your workout weights with you. Second, body weight workouts are convenient. You don’t have to go to the gym or any other fitness facility. You can do it in your basement or living room while watching television. If you travel for your job you can work out in your hotel room. Third, you can easily create a muscle burn during your workout by performing additional reps during each set. Don’t stop at 8-10 reps but complete 15 or 20 or whatever you need to do to feel the burn and activate the muscle. Fourth, body weight exercises are easier on your joints and can be just as effective as weight lifting for strength and muscle gains. Fifth, if you think body weight exercises don’t work then think of a gymnast. They only do body weight exercises and get fantastic results.


Training your legs will not make your chest larger. Consistently working each muscle group, your legs or chest, will make them stronger and give you great definition. These workouts can also improve your flexibility, your heart health, your mobility and improve the overall quality of your activities. Follow Trevor and Carl on the Kbands Live Fitness site to get new workouts sent to you every week. There is no easier way to change up your fitness routine to keep it interesting and ensure you continue to make progress and obtain the gains you are working toward.

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