Should You Workout in the Morning or Evening to Get Better Results


Should You Workout in the Morning or Evening to Get Better Results?

To get the best results from your workouts, you must do them! The research is clear on this. You don’t burn more calories based on the time of day. You burn more calories when you complete your workouts. The key to getting the best results is consistency. If you are morning person, then complete morning workouts. If you are a night owl and workouts won’t affect your sleep pattern, then complete night workouts. Pick the time when you will consistently and routinely complete your resistance bands at home workouts and stick to that time, while still being flexible. The following video shows a fantastic upper body workout, with some legs, that will give you great muscle pump, make you stronger, boost your heart rate and help you burn calories.




I’m Not a Morning Person

If this is you then the answer of when to workout is easy. This tells you to work out at night or over lunch. If you are not a morning person then you will HATE morning workouts. If you hate them then it will be difficult for you to commit and follow them with the regularity needed to get results. YOU make sure YOU complete your workouts! It doesn’t matter when you complete your workouts, you will burn the same calories. If you hate waking early for a workout you will look for reasons to hit the snooze. It’s to cold. I had a late night. The kids kept me up late with their homework. And the list goes on and on. We all make excuses. To burn the most calories you have to commit to:

• Setting a time to complete your workouts.
• Complete your workouts with intensity. Work to elevate your heart rate.
• Find reasons why you MUST complete your workout.
• Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a workout. Life happens. Just go back to number one above.

The Victory Rope Side Whip is a great shoulder and arm workout that is good to warm your muscles and prepare your body and mind for the rest of the workout. Remember to start your workouts slow with a warm up set to prepare your body for the muscle building stresses you will be putting them under.

I Usually Have to Work Late For My Job

For some evening workouts are impossible. They have a demanding job with uncertain hours. The evening commute eats up most of their evening time getting home. They have many home commitments: kids, dinner, after school activities, make it impossible to get an evening workout done. Look at your overall schedule and can you make changes to fit in your workouts. Pick up the kids and get them started on homework while you complete your workout. Remember why and remind yourself why you are fitting in this new commitment. It feels like you are complicating your life not making it better. Evening workouts will help power you through the night, give you more energy and help enhance your sleep. Evening workouts can be performed with intensity faster because you are awake and your muscles have been active all day. You still need time to warm them before completing your workout. The Fusion Cable Hugs are a great chest and anterior delt exercise that will develop your upper body. Perform this as a fast-paced exercise to jump your heart rate and burn calories.

If you can’t fit in workouts at night try to get to bed a little earlier, sleep is required for fitness gains, and set the alarm 45 minutes earlier and get in a morning workout. Complete this before the kids get up and you have to get to work. The first several weeks will feel awful. Like when the time changes, but you will adjust and feel energized and ready for the day after your morning workout.

How to Get the Best Results from My Workouts

It doesn’t matter when you workout, morning or night, you burn the same amount of calories. You have to complete your workouts! Consistency and diet are most important for you to see results from your effort. Morning or evening workouts burn calories. If you don’t complete any workouts you won’t burn calories. Completing the workouts in the video will help you jump your heart rate and build muscle. The video demonstrates both active and static sets in the same workout sequence. This variation helps to challenge your muscles and keeps the workout interesting so you don’t become bored. Boredom in your workout can contribute to failure to complete them. Don’t let this happen.

In addition to your workouts you also have to work at your eating program. Poor food choices will sabotage all of your workouts, whether morning or night. Look at KB Nutrition for great ideas and suggestions to learn dietary changes that will supplement your fitness changes. KBT Nutrition is a 60 day education on changes to make, and then follow, to help you get the results you are working to achieve. When life happens and you fall off your fitness program, you don’t beat yourself up. Restart your program using Kbands Live Fitness to help you achieve your goals. Get started today for an even better tomorrow.


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